5 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants

Our collab with The Jungalow’s Justina Blakeney has us inspired to liven up our homes and office spaces with indoor plants! However, not all of us are among the green thumbed portion of the population. It’s a pretty deflating feeling to invest in some indoor plants only to watch them quickly wither. So, to help prevent that disappointment, we’ve rounded up five indoor plants that thrive in just about anyone’s care.

1. Air Plants

These plants are epiphytes, making them so low maintenance, they don’t even need soil to grow! Simply spritz them with water about once a week to keep them looking their best.


2. Cactus Plants

Since they’re native of deserts, these plants are used to taking care of themselves within harsh environments. Because they have the ability to store water internally, they can survive easily even when their owners neglect to water them regularly. (Place them in direct sunlight, if possible, to keep them at their healthiest.)


3. Jade Plants

Part of the succulent family, this plant boasts small pink or white flowers and is grown as a houseplant worldwide (always a good sign!). Bonus: They’re also considered to be good luck. From a care standpoint, never let these plants dry out, but also be careful not to drown them, and place them in direct sunlight.


4. Spider Plants

Actually a flowering perennial herb, this plant is native to tropical and southern Africa and is easy to grow as a houseplant (it’s considered to be one of the most adaptable indoor plants, in fact). It’s resilient and can grow heartily in a variety of conditions.


5. Rubber Trees

If you’re looking to add a larger plant to your indoor garden, rubber trees are a great option, as they can grow to be up to 50 feet tall. They thrive in a location where they’re given indirect sunlight and just a bit of water. (Keep an eye on the condition of the plant’s leaves as an indicator of whether it might need a bit more H2O.)