5 Minute Yoga Routine

We know that life gets super busy during the week, making it hard to find the time to workout. So, when we find a efficient workout, we just have to share it. We’re currently loving this 5 Minute Yoga Routine from yogi Lindsey Ellington at BRYDIE!  She breaks down a variety of poses (with easy-to-understand GIFs!) to lead you in an effective full body exercise routine that fits into your day. 

Total-Body Fire-Up

PHOTO: Jenna Peffley

  1. Begin in high plank.

  2. Keep your hips and shoulders square as you press them back into downward-facing dog.

  3. Redistribute your weight between your hands and your left foot as you raise your right foot up into the air. Flex your foot to engage your hamstrings and glutes.

  4. Keep your right leg in line with your body as you shift down into high plank. Don’t lock your elbows in this position; keeping them soft gives your biceps and triceps a workout as well.

  5. Push back into three-legged downward-facing dog.

  6. Keeping neck and spine in line the whole time, do 10 reps on each side.

For more of these routines, read the full story on BYRDIE.
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