5 Reasons to Start Riding a Bicycle

Just in time for Bike Month, we’ve partnered with LA based bicycle brand Linus for an exclusive, limited-edition collection. And, thanks to the BY x Linus collection, we’ve had cycling on the brain! We made a conscious decision to ride our bikes more frequently—and the results have been incredible. The benefits of cycling are truly expansive, with positive effects on the mind, body, and soul.

Below are 5 compelling reasons to start riding a bicycle ASAP.

1. It will make you happier

Sure, this sounds like a big promise, but we swear: cycling will put you in a good mood! When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that trigger positivity and reduce stress, which will naturally increase those good vibes. Add the beautiful outdoors to the mix, and there’s no way to avoid smiling! Many cyclists report a “natural high” simply from being out on the open road.


2. It’s an effective low impact workout

You already know that cardio is good for you, but what makes cycling so unique is that it’s a high-intensity workout that’s also low impact. This means it’s easy on your joints, making it a great workout for those with injuries—and a great way to prevent future injuries, as well. Cycling regularly can help build lean muscle, eliminate fat, strengthen your legs and butt, lower your blood pressure and improve your overall endurance.


3. It’s a great source of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that supports strong bones and a healthy immune system. While you can take it in the form of a supplement, the best source of Vitamin D is from good ol’ sunshine. Since cycling is an outdoor hobby that involves exposure to the sun, you’ll be upping your intake automatically! (Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, of course.)


4. It’s good for the environment

Opting to ride a bicycle instead of a car to work or to run errands is a huge help to Mother Earth. Unlike driving a car, cycling is an entirely pollution-free form of transportation. By consuming less gas in your day-to-day life, you are lowering your contribution to harmful vehicle emissions and greatly reducing your carbon footprint.


5. It can boost your intelligence

Working out is good for your brain! According to Dr. Arthur Kramer, “adults who exercise display sharper memory skills, higher concentration levels, more fluid thinking, and greater problem-solving ability than those who are sedentary.” Many cyclists report that their best creative breakthroughs and epiphanies happen on the bike.