6 Reasons To Try Pure Barre

I describe myself as a “Pure Barre addict,” and mean that completely truthfully. I’ve never experienced a workout that’s been as good a fit for me as Pure Barre has been. It’s hard to describe Pure Barre to those who haven’t taken a class before. I’ve heard people say it’s “yoga meets ballet meets Pilates,” but that doesn’t feel quite right. In fact, Pure Barre is just its own thing, which is part of what makes it so very special.

So where does the magic come from, exactly? Well, it’s lots of things that, when added up, create this amazingly encouraging, physically challenging, results-filled environment that I just can’t get enough of. Here are the top six reasons to try Pure Barre, as far as this addict is concerned:


1. It’s a community of amazing women.

The instructors are encouraging, positive, and all-around pleasant women. Each has qualities that make me look forward to taking class with them, and I love getting to see several different instructors over the course of a week. And, the community extends far beyond the instructors! The PB staff in general is incredible, and so are the fellow Pure Barre-goers you’ll meet there. I’ve made so many friends through Pure Barre, and enjoy seeing them regularly at the studio. These are women who I likely wouldn’t have crossed paths with otherwise, and who I’m so thankful to know.


2. It’s a workout you can do every single day.

Unlike many other workouts, Pure Barre is one that’s safe to do every day. This is one of my very favorite things about Pure Barre – that it can absolutely become a part of your daily routine. In fact, if you start going frequently enough, you will likely begin feeling like your day isn’t quite complete without a Pure Barre class to round things out. (Another huge bonus about this workout is the fact that it doesn’t make you super sweaty. I’m often able to take a class during my lunch break and can return to work without feeling like a sweaty, smelly mess for the rest of the day.)


3. You’ll see results quickly, and you’ll love what you see.

I was shocked by how quickly I started seeing results after I began taking Pure Barre classes. I think I was about a month in when my husband commented on how strong and toned my back was starting to look. Not long after that, I noticed that my arms and abs looked more sculpted than they ever had. That was all the reinforcement I needed to know that this hard work was really paying off!


4. The challenge never ends.  

Before Pure Barre, I wasn’t familiar with a class of this nature that didn’t have skill levels attached to it. I’d taken yoga classes, which are typically structured for beginner, intermediate, or advanced yogis, but Pure Barre has one version of class for everyone – whether you’ve taken five classes or 500. No matter how many classes you take, it continues to be challenging. In fact, in my experience, it actually gets harder as you take more classes, because you learn ways to push yourself more. Even now, three years and 430-ish classes in, I’m still being challenged at each Pure Barre class I take, which helps keep me coming back for more.


5. The studio atmosphere can’t be beat.

To me, the whole experience of Pure Barre is a delightful one. I love getting to the studio early, because that means I get to hang out for a while before class and chat with the staff and other early bird students while also seeing what’s new at the studio. Each studio has its own personality (I’m partial to my Winston-Salem studio, but am certainly biased), but each offers a beautifully curated collection of barre clothes, accessories such as headbands and water bottles, and, often, something special going on. It could be a monthly challenge (I loved the nationwide BINGO challenge back in June) or a special local event, like having sampling from a nearby cold-pressed juice company there in the studio.


6. You’ll get a confidence boost every time you go.

Between the encouraging instructors, the welcoming staff, and the kind fellow students, I always leave a Pure Barre class feeling uplifted. I spend the 55-minute class feeling focused, and love that I can really be in the zone during class, leaving other thoughts and worries at the door. At the end of class, I feel so accomplished, thinking about what I’ve just done, and how much goodness I’ve just brought to my body and mind. I walk out thankful for that hour, and feeling ready to face whatever comes next.