6 Ways To Help National Parks

Our National Parks are in serious trouble due to the government shutdown. Since federal employees aren’t there to maintain and project the parks, their ecosystems are being neglected and damaged by visitors. To support our parks, we at Beyond Yoga will be donating 10k to the National Park Foundation and creating a staff outing to help clean up the parks once they are reopened.

Our friends at Parks Project shared 6 ways you can help out:


1. Contact the White House here and demand an end to the shutdown. Our parks need funding and support.


2. To avoid further strain on resources, please do not visit National Parks during the shutdown. Consider visiting state or local parks instead.


3. If you feel compelled to visit a National Park, be prepared to pack out all waste. Practice Leave No Trace principles to protect plant and animal life.


4. If you see illegal activity (camping, hunting, vandalism, etc.), report it to law enforcement.


5. After the shutdown is over, volunteer your time to clean up and restore areas damaged during the shutdown.


6. Consider donating to a non-profit park partner, such as the National Park Foundation



Check out the original post from Park Projects here.


photo credit: Adam Kool