A Very Low-Maintenance Halloween

Love Halloween, but not the prep that goes into an elaborate costume? Perhaps you just want to keep things low key and low budget this year. Or maybe you’re the type that jumps on a last-minute Halloween party invitation before remembering that you have no costume whatsoever to wear to said party.

Whichever type of Halloween-er you are, one of these five super easy, DIY costumes (requiring just three accessories or fewer) is sure to fit the bill:


1. Rosie the Riveter

Grab a denim shirt, a red bandana, some red lipstick — and you’re all set. (Oh, and be sure to bring your bicep game, too, of course!)

Photo credit: @rubyjaames


2. An Emoji

Whether you dress up as “The Pink Shirt Girl” (just choose your favorite expression!) or grab a friend and go as “The Dancing Girls,” this makes for an easy and clever costume with minimal accessories required.

Photo credit: Brit + Co.


3. Where’s Waldo?

Necessities: Red and white striped shirt, glasses, and a hat. Bonus points if you have extra accessories like a walking stick or binoculars to throw into the mix! Extra bonus points if you dress up your adorable child to match.

Photo credit: Positively Oakes


4. Juno

This one’s perfect for all you mamas-to-be out there! The key piece to this costume: looking annoyed and over it all night long.

Photo credit: @AcaciaBrinley 


5. Burglar

The essentials are likely already in your closet! Throw on a striped black and white shirt, some black pants or leggings and a pair of sneakers or boots  — and voila. Add a mask and beanie to really complete the look. 

Photo credit: Say Yes