Adulting 101: How To Navigate Saturn Retrograde

I’m sure you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde, but it’s time to chat about good ol’ Saturn. Saturn Retrograde begins today (April 29th) and continues until the first of September. To fully understand a Saturn Retrograde, there are a few questions we need to address. What is a retrograde? What does it mean for Saturn to go retrograde? How does this shift affect us?

Here are the basics. When a planet moves retrograde, there’s an apparent change in motion based on the relative positions of the planets and Earth to the Sun. During this period, an energetic change takes place. This shift can make it difficult for us to access the energy of the retrograde planet, which impacts how we handle the themes that planet represents. 

For Saturn, who rules Karma, responsibility, discipline and structure, there’s an emphasis on confronting the challenges we face during adulthood. This can be tricky, so the following is a guide to help you prosper during this potentially challenging period. Welcome to Adulting 101! 

1. Love & Romance

Love can be a difficult topic to navigate. This is especially true when we grasp onto outdated patterns, which fail to contribute to growth. If you find yourself in unsatisfying relationships, unwilling to commit or neglecting self-care, then Saturn might push you to investigate the root of your belief systems.

This push could come in the form of a lost lover reaching out, a heavy argument with your partner or a bout of loneliness. Regardless of the external circumstance, how you respond to these experiences will help you determine where your pattern lies.

During this retrograde, reflect upon your acceptance and expression of love. Do you feel you deserve unsatisfying situations? Do you fear growth? Do you believe in a faulty generalization? When did you develop this belief system? Do you love yourself?

Objectively observe your answers to these questions and begin to unravel unhealthy patterns. The truth is that we create the type of love life we believe we deserve, and healing comes in the form of self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love.

I challenge you to embrace vulnerability and receptivity, regardless of how scary it is. If you’re afraid, good – that means you can be courageous! Kickstart transformation by confronting your beliefs and adopting new patterns.

2. Career & Money

When it comes to career and money, we often settle for occupations that are out of line with our soul purpose. There is a belief that we must sacrifice fulfillment in order to survive. This belief is a lie. The truth is that we are meant to enjoy a life filled with abundance but must do the internal work necessary to make this happen. Only when we engage in this process, we can establish new monetary lives. 

Throughout this retrograde, you may experience a radical financial shift. This shift can come in the form of a change in work environment, a loss of funds or increased pressure from financial obligations. Although the magnitude of your experience may vary, it can be a catalyst for self-development.

Ask yourself – do you enjoy what you do for a living? Does it energize you? What does your ideal career look like? How much income do you want to make? Do you have inherent disbelief in your worth?

Once you identify disempowering viewpoints you can begin to change them. It’s all about perspective – what do you perceive you worth as? If you don’t believe it’s possible to manifest your dream life, then you’ll inevitably have difficulty manifesting it. 

I challenge you to envision your ideal career and, regardless of self-doubt, believe in your ability to make it happen. As you complete this exercise, make note of the feelings that arise and investigate their lineage.  

3. Fun & Relaxation

Stress tends to be our modus operandi. This ‘flight or fight’ mechanism has ensured the evolution of our species throughout history. From this perspective, stress is not inherently negative. However, if we are to experience continued evolution we must adjust to the times.

Stress isn’t as much of a necessity as it was for our ancestors and, in today’s world, can do some serious damage. This damage expresses itself in the form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual instability. Essentially, we lose track of our true nature – love, light, and joy.

How often do you find yourself worried about the past or future throughout the day? Does stress give you a sense of comfort? Do you struggle with letting go of control? What is the root of these patterns?

As you reflect, I challenge you to explore activities which evoke your childlike nature. Saturn Retrograde can be heavy – give your inner child a chance to play!   

4. Communication & Intellect

In our current day and age, we have access to a plethora of resources. These resources help expedite self-development, which makes this an exciting and revolutionary time.  As revolutionary as this period may be, if we’re not careful, there’s a possibility of regression. This regression transpires when we neglect our internal wisdom. 

Many of us search for external solutions when the answers lie within. This is a disservice to our individual and collective growth. The truth is, each book you read, blog you skim and podcast you listen to was created by a person just like you. The question is not whether you’re smart enough – the question is: why don’t you believe it? Saturn can help you understand this belief system by triggering intellectual empowerment.

What’s your unique expertise? What’s stopping you from communicating it to the world? Do you feel disempowered in your life? When did this feeling first arise? 

During this retrograde, I challenge you to explore limiting beliefs which stifle your ability to think and communicate clearly. Pay attention to situations which challenge the way you express knowledge.  

5. Family & Friends

Family patterns manifest in varying degrees. Ultimately, everyone we meet reflects those patterns. You may have a friend who plays the role of your mother, a co-worker who resembles your sister or a partner who takes on the same traits as your father. These relationships can help you understand how you fulfill childhood needs.

If you’re mindful of these needs, then you can dissect the inner workings of relationships and discover a sense of clarity. However, if you disregard your choice to mimic certain bonds, then you may repeat old patterns. Saturn can help you recognize these patterns by prompting an external event, which triggers a deeply-wounded inner child. 

Whatever the event is, consider the emotions that are expressed. What is the root cause of this situation? How can you use it to heal? What need is being met and how can you find a healthier way to meet it?

Once you become aware of relationship dynamics, you can begin to heal childhood patterns. During this time, explore the different relationships in your life and begin to identify how they resemble those of your past. Let go of old bonds my friend!

6. Health & Wellness

As women, we are constantly subjected to marketing that feeds on our insecurities. Sure, men also experience this, but that’s for another article. In order to sell products, companies create the image of an “ideal”. This ideal is marketed as attainable if we purchase X Y Z. Only when we make this investment can we have the lifestyle we truly desire. Bullocks!

During this period, utilize Saturn to help banish old patterns and investigate insecurities. What are the thoughts that arise when we watch certain commercials? Is there any internal friction? Do you lack self-acceptance?

Sit with this process and investigate the root cause of what arises. It’s time to open your eyes to the truth and stop punishing your mind, body, and soul. 



photo: stil via unsplash