All I Want for Xmas is You

Chances are, your calendar is filling up quickly with holiday events. Between corporate parties, neighborhood get togethers, and family obligations, December gets busy quickly. If you’re not careful, you and your main squeeze may not have all that much time alone to bask in the festiveness of the season.

To help you out, we’ve put together five holiday date ideas to help inspire some festive, one-on-one outings. (Now hurry up and pencil one or two of these in before your calendar fills up completely!):


1. Watch classic holiday movies

You can host this date night in the comfort of your own home or check a local movie theater (especially an old one, if you have one nearby) for special holiday showings of favorite Christmas films. If you’re staying in, consider a double feature where each of you choose your all-time favorite festive flick, and watch them back to back.


2. Dress up & go to a performance

Getting dressed up this time of year feels extra special, and there’s certainly no lack of holiday entertainment options. It could be a local production of The Nutcracker, a Christmas symphony or a hilarious holiday-themed play at a community theater – regardless, this kind of event is oh-so festive and fun.


3. Shop for a child in need

Find an organization that helps supply gifts for kids whose parents need a little help playing Santa (I always love the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program) and hit up your local Target to shop for the kiddo together. It will remind you of all you have to be thankful for, and shopping for toys brings out the Christmas spirit in all of us.


4. Make your favorite cookies

Whether you know your way around a kitchen or not, baking makes for a super sweet night in. This date is even more fun if you each have a go-to holiday cookie pick or family recipe. Then you have double the cookies! (Bonus: You can give these as presents to friends or as hostess gifts.)


5. Go hunting for Xmas lights

Hop in the car and drive to “that neighborhood” in your area. You know, the one known for its amazing displays of holiday lights? Yeah, that one. Bring along hot chocolate and those cookies you made (and play Christmas music, of course) to make the drive even sweeter.



photo credit: Toa Heftiba