All Wrapped Up

Here at Beyond Yoga, we’re always seeking a seamless combination of style and comfort — even when toting a newborn around town. That’s why we simply adore the Solly Baby Wrap and the brand’s philosophy, which goes like this:

One, we believe our wraps bring you closer to your little one, physically and emotionally, while simultaneously giving you the freedom and comfort to take on daily life. Secondly, we believe that taking on the role of mother or father does not replace you as an individual, it simply adds to it. Our wraps reflect your personal aesthetic, seamlessly and luxuriously integrating all of the benefits of babywearing and the beauty of still being YOU.

With the launch of the very special rose quartz Beyond the Bump X Solly Baby Wrap in tow, we caught up with Elle Rowley, Solly Baby founder and mom of 3, to chat about motherhood, balancing career with family and the evolution of the wrap.

What advice do you wish someone had given you before you had your first baby?
To ignore most of the advice you get! Ha! I think I got so much advice that, now, I try my best to not give new moms advice unless they ask for it. It can all just be so overwhelming with a first baby and all the advice can sometimes drown out our own intuition as mothers.
How were you first inspired to create the Solly Baby Wrap?
Out of necessity. All the best things come about that way, right? I needed something that was more comfortable for my second baby, as I am prone to migraines, and I wanted something that I felt excited to wear. The experience was so emotionally, physically and even visually rewarding that I wanted to share it with everyone.
How does the wrap work, exactly? 
It’s really just a long piece of specialty, custom-made fabric that is wrapped on your body to hold your baby. The style of wrapping has been around for thousands of years so that’s nothing new, but the way we do it is a fresh take that is especially lightweight, comfortable, and looks beautiful.

Any tips for first time “wrappers”?
The biggest tip I give new wearers is to try it first with a stuffed animal in the mirror. The stuffed animal photos are always my favorite that we get tagged in on Instagram.
What age babies does the wrap work best for?
They’re designed for the first year, but those first six months are really prime time for wrapping.
Any expert styling tips?
Layering over the wrap always looks so nice. Dresses used to be tricky because of nursing, but now there are so many companies now that make dresses that you can nurse in like Sonnet James and Harper and Bay. Of course, Beyond Yoga apparel is a perfect pairing because it’s all so comfortable and looks so cute.


What’s your favorite Beyond Yoga piece to pair the Solly Wrap with?
I could live in the Salt and Pepper Capri Legging and there’s not a wrap that they don’t look good with.

Do you see a lot of fathers rocking the wrap too?
Absolutely! Just check out our #SollyDadsofIG hashtag. So many heart eyes for these dads.

Besides comfort and convenience, what are the benefits of the wrap for parent and child?
Wearing your baby three hours a day can reduce infant crying by up to 43%. Which is borderline miraculous. It can also reduce postpartum depression, help with gastrointestinal issues, and the list goes on for days. We get emails almost every day from moms who call it their “sanity-saver”.

What are some of your favorite outings with your kids?
I love the beach because the wrap is so lightweight. I also love the farmer’s market, traveling, and any activities that surround eating food.
What is your favorite part about being a mother?
Seeing them progress. At anything, really. Whether it’s using the toilet or scoring their first goal in a soccer game, it’s pretty exhilarating to see them learn and grow.
How do you balance your awesome career with being a mom of 3?
My husband. He and I are partners in every sense of the word and so there’s no way I could do it without him. We divide and conquer every day.
Any tips or words of wisdom for other working moms out there?
Whenever possible, outsource the things at home that you don’t enjoy and spend that time with your kids instead. Chances are, you’ll never regret not being the person who deep cleaned your toilets.

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