Apps We Adore

With so many apps out there, sometimes it’s hard to know which ones are worth the download. Here’s a list of our must-have apps of the moment!


Add background noise and color while you work, create  or relax. A selection of white noise and nature sounds help you customize a peaceful or productive environment based on your mood!


This anonymous social media app is an amazing outlet for getting something off your chest, sharing your insecurities and finding like-minded individuals.


Book appointments for anything all in one place! With over 2 million US businesses, this app makes it simple to schedule everything from haircuts to oil changes.


This community based traffic and navigation app shares real-time traffic updates and suggests alternate routes, helping you arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.


With this fast, thoughtful and time-saving way to message others, your messages and responses expire when you no longer need them. We love using it for workplace tasks and errands!


Can’t keep track of all those articles you want to read? Pocket is here to help. Just put that blog post you saw on twitter directly in your “pocket” and it will be saved for later!