Baby On Board

If you’re a new parent, there are lots of changes happening in your life. Your daily schedule has been turned upside down, you can’t go out on a weekend evening without arranging for someone to watch your kiddo, your money is being spent differently, and so on. Vacations also look different these days. Either you find an obliging grandparent or other trustworthy individual to keep your child while you go on a trip, or you find a kid-friendly destination and make it a family vacay.

We’re here to help you with the latter. Here are five very baby-friendly travel destinations worth checking out:


1. San Diego, California

Reliably nice weather aside, the zoo in this city is legendary, and your little one will certainly love checking out all the animals. And, if you’re a sports fans, catch a game at Petco Park, one of the most family-friendly baseball stadiums in the country [photo credit: Matthew Hamilton]


2. Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is known for being stroller-friendly, making it a great destination for families with babies. There are even free stroller tours of popular museums in the city, including The Field Museum and The Art Institute of Chicago. If the weather is especially good, don’t miss a beautiful stroll along Chicago’s Lakefront Trail. [photo credit: Steven Wang]


3. Montreal, Canada

Another family-friendly city, Montreal is full of culture that you’ll love soaking in while your kiddo comfortably takes in the sites from a stroller or baby carrier. Look into festivals before you go; many are kid-friendly with elements geared specifically toward children, or visit the city’s gorgeous botanical garden. And, if you’re a breastfeeding mama, look for stickers in business windows that indicate participation in the Route de Lait, meaning you’re invited to breastfeed there without feeling like you need to purchase anything from the business in exchange. [photo credit: Marc Olivier Jodoin]


4. Disney Cruise

Okay, so it’s not a city, but it’s a own floating universe that will provide you with stellar childcare so you and your partner can enjoy some one-on-one time while your baby is in extremely good hands. Then, enjoy lots of family-friendly activities together! [photo credit: Mike Arney]


5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Even if all-inclusive resorts haven’t been up your alley in the past, consider one as a new parent – especially Club Med. They have a specifically kid-friendly property in the D.R. that includes amenities like loaner strollers, age-appropriate activities and entertainment, and baby food offerings in the buffet. [photo credit: Joe deSousa]



photo credit: Tanja Heffner