Baby Shower Gift Guide

What to get a parent to be? A cute baby outfit or a board book used to be my go-to before becoming a mom myself. Don’t get me wrong – I love adding things to my daughter’s wardrobe or library, but it does help to diversify those baby essentials as well. Since my daughter Maggie was born, I’ve developed a collection of items that my husband and I have loved using in the five months we’ve been parents. Here are five that top the list:


1. A Swaddle

The Love to Dream Swaddle UP has turned out to be our absolute favorite swaddle, and it’s the one we reach for time and again for Maggie. (We have three, which is very convenient!). Because it’s a zipper, it’s so easy for us to put it on her but, because it’s a zipper, it’s impossible for her to wriggle out of (like she can other swaddles). A win for everyone! Plus, she looks like an adorable little butterfly in it.


2. A Travel Crib

We have loved this BABYBJORN travel crib! It’s lightweight and so easy to set up/take down. Maggie sleeps great in it, too! This would be a great gift if you’re looking to go in together on an item with family and friends.


3. A gift certificate for a newborn photo shoot

Find a local photographer for this work, keeping the expectant couple’s style in mind. If it turns out they already have something lined up on this front, it’s likely the photographer will be able to let them postpone their shoot for a while so the family can have both professional newborn photos as well as professional family photos when the baby is slightly older.


4. A car adapter for a breast pump

This breast pump car adapter is an item that most breastfeeding moms probably don’t think about adding to their arsenal, but it can definitely save the day in a pinch. I’ve used mine during a traffic-filled drive home from a visit to my parents’ and while out longer than I thought I’d be without Maggie one day. It’s a small gift, but is SO nice to have on hand in those emergency situations.


5. A pair of drawstring booties

I never thought my daughter would wear booties (they seemed so dated!), but it turned out we put her in them constantly during those first couple of months when all other socks would immediately fall off her tiny feet. We actually used a pair that had been made for me when I was a baby, but they have similar styles available on Etsy now, and in specialty baby shops. Looking for a pair with drawstrings – so you can make sure they’re snug and stay put – is critical!