Beach Burner Workout

It’s my favorite season! It’s time to unpack your bikini from your winter holiday vaca, indulge in watermelon popsicles, grab your fave pair of sunnies, sprawl out on a lounger, and soak up the vitamin D. An even better way to celebrate all the beauty and bounty that mother nature has blessed upon us? Yes, I’m talking sand fitness.

Working out at the shore has its advantages; diving into the ocean to cool off after is just one bonus. Besides the fact that soft sand provides a built in cushion, making this a low impact workout (safe and desirable for your joints), this forgiving part of the Earth’s surface is unstable making it ideal for balance and resistance training. You’ll recruit more of your bodies stabilizer muscles, therefore increasing HR and, enhancing your cardiovascular wellness. You’ll torch more calories because your body has to work harder, and expend more energy. All facts combined makes this grainy workout a burner.

Today we’re mashing-up, Tabata, Yoga & Pilates, Tabatalates? Toga? We’ll work on a name later.

THE WORKOUT: 20 seconds all out, as many reps as you can. Rest for 10 seconds, than move on to the next exercise. Any order you like. Circuit through 5-8 times. What to do with your empty water bottles? Take recycling to another level, fill them with sand. 8 oz are perfect, about 3-4 lb. each, or fill half way for a lighter load. Voila’ SandBells!

SAFETY TIPS: Train early, before the sun bakes the sand. Toasty toes are no fun. Drink water! Wet a towel, place ice cubes on it, roll it up. When you’re done, roll out a refreshing landing pad to cool off on. Shoe optional. I fully support naked feet. Connecting with the Earth, this is actually a thing called “groundling.”

Exercise 1. Bottoms up!

Yep, I’m talking high tight butts. Beautiful booties, no matter what shape or size, our goal is to keep them toned and lifted. With your sandbell behind your knee, on your forearms, bring knee up in line with hip. On an exhale kick heel up towards the sky.  Pressing up high fires your lower abdomen and oblique muscles. So Squeeze your butt and lift your knee, up, up, up! Kick for 20 sec., other side than 10 sec. rest. Keep it moving to the next exercise.

Exercise 2. Walking Courtesy Lunge with Squat

A well toned bootie complimented by a finely defined leg. From your gluteus to the hamstrings this lunge hits all the leg muscles, and your core. Stand with feet hip width apart. Step one foot back crossing it behind front. Thigh becomes parallel with ground. As you come out of courtesy, add a lateral side kick with the back leg, (squeezing outer thigh/glute). Step foot down hip width apart, than, preform squats for 20 seconds. Add a jump squat to get heart rate even higher.  Do opposite leg, squat, etc. You’ll end up in a side step situation. Sandbells in hands for amped up HR. Burn!!! Rest 10. Get going to the next burn move.  

Exercise 3. Roll Down with a Torso Twist

Holding sandbells, scoop your navel in, creating a C-shape in lower spine. Roll down, slowly, one vertebrae at a time, stopping before shoulder blades touch ground. Simultaneously rotate torso towards one side, extend arms, in front and lateral position.  Sitting up pull your stomach in tight, creating a deflated balloon effect, bring  arms back in front of chest. Repeat one rep each side, than roll back halfway-with arms outstretched in front of your chest do the hundred( pulse arms up and down) for 20 seconds. Than 10 sec rest. On to the

Exercise 4.  Crab Walk & Bear Crawl

Crab Walk: hands behind you, fingers towards heels. Keep hips up, pelvis tucked walking backwards, squeezing your bootie as you keep it lifted above sand. Digging heels deep in sand to wake up that bootie. Crab 20 sec. Rest 10. Flip over for Bear Crawl: Feet little wider than hips. Hands out in front of your head, keep wrists in front of shoulders, torching front delts as you grab the sand with each stride. Stepping with a deep bend in your knees to get lower abs. Bear 20 Rest 10. Run don’t crawl to next move. 

Exercise 5. Side Crunch-Push up

Start in a side plank position. Lift top leg and crunch knee to elbow. Extend arm and leg. Repeat as many as you can for 20 seconds. *Remember as many as you can means, without compromising good form. Rest for 10. Rotate body into a strait arm plank (heels in line with top of head, knees for modification), do 20 seconds of push-ups. Rest and repeat other side.  Want to up the intensity, use a sandbell in the hand that your using to crunch, whooo-hoooo!