Beginner’s Crystal Guide

Since ancient times crystals have been revered for their magical and healing qualities. Many believe that they posess powerful energies that can improve your well-being and bring balance to body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Interested in getting your own crystal but don’t know which one to pick? Here’s a guide on how to choose the right crystal for you, how to use it and how to take care of it.


How To Choose Your Crystal

If you wish to heal a particular issue, you can choose a crystal that has that healing property. The crystal’s color usually indicates its unique healing functions. For example, if you wish to heal emotional issues, or bring more love into your life, you may want to purchase Rose Quartz.

All crystals have different energy vibrations and we are usually drawn to the ones that resonate with our own energy, or will harmonize and balance it. So another way to choose the right crystal is to simply allow yourself to be drawn to it. Take a few deep breaths, calm your mind, and let your heart and intuition guide you in the right direction.

Are you attracted to a specific color or shape? Once you know what kind of crystal is calling you, go ahead and pick one. Hold it in the palms of your hands and see how that feels. Now notice the temperature of the crystal. Does it remain cool or does it heat up? You want to choose the crystal that feels warm or hot against your skin.


What To Use Your Crystal For

The uses for crystals are infinite and everyone uses them differently. If you want to use your crystal for its healing properties, you should consider wearing a crystal jewelry piece. Or, if you would like to use your crystal for protection, you can carry it around with you all day in your purse. Another option is to keep it in your home or workspace for good energy. Crystals are also wonderful to have around for your meditation practice, since they can help you in magnifying your intention.


How To Care For Your Crystal

Crystals absorb energies. Keep that in mind when purchasing your crystal, allowing other people to touch it, etc. To keep your crystal pure and aligned to your energy, try one of the following cleaning techniques:

Purify your crystal under running water, a stream, or the ocean. Don’t leave it in the water, just rinse it and imagine all unwanted energies that your crystal may be holding wash away.

Moon-bathe your crystal. Place your crystal in a bowl and set it on your windowsill or outside on your deck on a full moon night. Allow it to soak up the healing light of moon.

Smudge your crystal with sage or incense.

Allow your crystal to sunbathe on a beautiful sunny day. Make sure you don’t leave it out for too long if it is very hot.
Enjoy the process and know that you can’t go wrong. Trust your inner voice and guidance.