Best Cities for Ski Trips

We may have left the high temps (and the warm weather outdoor activities that go with them) behind, but that means ski and snowboard season is upon us. Whether skiing is part of your annual routine or you’ve never even experienced a bunny hill, we’ve collected a list of ski and snowboard destinations here in the U.S. that are sure to please.

1. Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

This location boasts Mount Washington, which allows for Alpine and Nordic skiing, as well as ski racing. Bonus: the trees here really help block the wind as you enjoy the mountain. 

2. Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia

For those of you located in the South like myself, skiing and snowboarding can be a bit harder to come by, but it’s not off the table. Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia is the best pick in these parts!

3. Mount Snow, Vermont

With an entire run of half-pipes, Mount Snow in Vermont serves as an ideal pick for snow bunnies, especially those of you who love to snowboard. 

4. Winter Park, Colorado

If you’re new to skiing but want to experience the legendary Colorado slopes, Winter Park – rated one of the best Colorado spots for beginners – is a perfect selection. (And if you go with more seasoned ski friends, they’ll have a blast there, too!) 

5. Teton Village, Wyoming 

This spot is consistently ranked among the best ski locations in the nation, and it’s no wonder. Opt for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. 

6. Yosemite, California

If you’re a west coaster and are looking to plan a family ski trip, look no further than Badger Pass. With 85% of the trails meant for beginner and intermediate skiers and boarders, plus activities like snowshoeing and snow tubing, the whole family is bound to have a blast. 

7. Snoqualmie, Washington

Super convenient to reach from Seattle, the Summit at Snoqualmie pass is just 45 minutes outside the city. With hundreds of acres of skiable terrain and a super pipe for the extra adventurous, be sure to add this one to your list if you’re a headed to the Pacific Northwest this winter. (Fun fact: A portion of the early 90s cult classic TV show Twin Peaks was filmed in Snoqualmie!)

Are there additional U.S. slopes you love? Comment below with your suggestions.