Black Friday Alternatives

All the fuss about Black Friday sales this week can be pretty overwhelming. Why not skip the rush at the stores and spend your day off in a more productive or relaxing way? Here are 10 great alternatives to shopping on Black Friday.

1. Catch up with an old friend.

With so many people traveling for Thanksgiving, there are probably friends around on Friday you’d like to catch up with. Why not call one up and invite them to reunite over coffee?

2. Host a leftover potluck.

Don’t let all that leftover food go to waste! Invite your friends over for a leftover potluck dinner. Have everyone bring some of their family’s signature dishes for a tasting menu or try one of these recipes.

3. Plan your next vacation.

You know that one place at the top of your bucket list? Make it a reality. Spend the day researching and plan out your dream trip! Then, start a monthly savings plan to make it happen.

4. Go to a museum or art gallery.

What’s better than getting lost in some art for an afternoon? Enrich your day by taking a trip to a local museum or art gallery.

5. Go for a hike in the cold.

It may be chilly, but the cold air and exercise will feel super refreshing after a day of indulgence. Bundle up, get outdoors and enjoy nature.

6. Clean out your closet.

If you’re at home this weekend, why not get your wardrobe ready for 2016? Eliminate, organize and donate the clothing you no longer wear to those in need.

7. Make a mix for someone.

Remember the days of making old school mix CDs? Peruse your iTunes library and burn a CD to give to your favorite somebody. Or do it the millennial way and make them a Spotify playlist.

8. Start a new book.

Whether you’re an avid bookworm or haven’t read a good book in awhile, starting a fresh read is a great way to spend your day off. Curl up with one of our favorites.

9. Binge watch a new Netflix show.

It’s a day off after all! Why not indulge yourself? Cozy up on the couch with your pet and start that new show everyone’s talking about. Our recommendation? Master of None.

10. Start your taxes early.

While not as fun as some of the other suggestions, getting a head start on your taxes before the holiday is pretty brilliant. You’ll head into 2016 way ahead of the pack.