Dancer Spotlight: Sarah Hay

In honor of our newest collection, we’re celebrating dancers who inspire us! Meet Sarah Hay, a dancer who was told she needed a breast reduction for the perfect ballet body. Instead, she created her own path and is now an acclaimed dancer and actress who was nominated for a golden globe.

Where are you from?

SH: I’m from New Jersey


How did you get started in dance? What other physical activities do you enjoy?

SH: I grew up in a very artistic household and my parents exposed me to dance at a very young age. Lots of “stars of the Russian ballet” on VHS. I always enjoyed swimming and yoga is something I go back and forth with but feels amazing.


What has been the biggest challenge you’ve overcome on your dance journey?

SH: My confidence. I always had the opinions of others held way above my head when in reality, opinions are not truth. My body was not traditional and my feminine qualities were shamed by dance teachers, directors and colleagues. Outside of dance, my non traditional body was celebrated. This completely opposing opinion caused me to become very warped in my self image and worth. What do I REALLY look like? What’s RIGHT? When in fact, it was always right… and I will never let someone else’s opinion of my body come in the way of my confidence again.


What’s your FAVORITE song to dance to right now?

SH: 50 cent-PIMP played on steel drums and Aaliyah- More than a woman.


What advice would you give to the 13 year old you?

SH: Don’t let dating and men dictate your path… learn to love the things that make you different and don’t try to hide them. Shame doesn’t exist, it was created. Eartha Kitt said, “‘I fall in love with myself, and I want someone to share it with me. And I want someone to share me, with me.”


What’s your ultimate favorite dessert?

SH: Vegan ice cream


What are you most looking forward to in your future?

SH: Becoming more of a badass. I also want to create my own films and shows. Creating!


What makes you feel your best?

SH: Laughing… laughing… and laughing. At Ashleigh Wilson mostly.


What’s your favorite Beyond Yoga piece you wore today?

SH: Sparkly leggings!


What is your secret goal?

SH: It’s a secret! But let’s say it has to do with me, self acceptance, and love.


What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not dancing?

SH: Acting! I also love watching cartoons… Big mouth on Netflix right now is my jam.


What inspires you?

SH: Women today. The time we live in is both terrifying and beautiful but the space that is being created for women to expand and grow is just phenomenal.