DIY: Kitchen Upgrades

As much as you might be longing to change up your kitchen’s layout, replace all your appliances, or tear out your boring countertops to replace them with some quartz ones, a kitchen remodel might not be in the cards for you at the moment. Not to worry, though. Keep perusing Houzz and Pinterest and scrutinizing old episodes of Fixer Upper for inspiration. In the meantime, there are still several smaller (and less expensive) things you can do to make the heart of your home brighter and more up to date! Below are just a few suggestions.

1. Pare things down

Take stock of your kitchen and what’s on the counters. Do you regularly use everything you have out? If not, move the things you don’t use often to a storage location. Rethink the placement of things, and perhaps add a few floating shelves to house some of your most-used items and tools. This will help free up your counter space and make your kitchen seem more spacious and less cluttered.


2. Add color with herbs & micro greens

You can keep these growing year-round in your kitchen. In addition to adding beautiful color to the room, they will help enhance your meals with added flavor and health benefits! Some to consider are basil, spinach, and mustard. You can read more about growing microgreens here.


3. Upgrade your storage containers

Invest in some lovely and functional items to store your food in, making them both easier to use and more attractive in the process. Consider getting some cooking-friendly glass bottles for your cooking oils (you can keep them out by the stove for easy access, and as a decorative element in your kitchen!) and glass jars and tightly sealing containers for pantry staples like sugars and grains and flours.


4. Line your cabinets and drawers

Yes, this is a labor intensive task, but it’s also one you’ll be so glad you did. It’s a small thing, but it makes your kitchen look and feel cleaner and more thoughtfully put together. These days, there are lots of beautiful options available.


5. Spice up your cabinet handles & drawer pulls

You may think your cabinets look dated, but adding new handles and pulls can help modernize them a bit, and the investment is so much smaller and less labor intensive than getting new cabinets (or painting them).


6. Incorporate a temporary island

If there’s space in your kitchen to add an island, and you feel like you could use the extra prep space, you don’t have to wait for a full remodel to take advantage of that function. Consider adding a temporary island, which will give you both prep and storage space, and likely help the flow of your kitchen overall.


7. Throw out mismatched hand towels

This one’s super quick and easy. Throw away stained towels, or ones that just don’t match your kitchen. Grab some bright, clean new ones to immediately spruce up your look!



photo credit: Toa Heftiba