DIY: Succulent Planters

I speak on behalf of all non-green thumbed people when I say thank goodness for succulents! These plants are low maintenance (they’re easy to grow and don’t require much care) but are so very pretty, and can add a wonderful element to just about any space.

In addition to bringing beauty to your home or office, studies show having decorative plants around you helps increase concentration and memory retention. Succulents in particular are helpful to keep in bedrooms. Since they (unlike many other plants) take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, they can help freshen the air while you sleep.

When it comes to how to showcase your succulents, consider going the DIY route. After all, there are many easy options to put together a planter that’s perfect for your space.
Here are 5 of our favorite DIY succulent planter options:

1. Brass Succulent Planter by A Beautiful Mess


2. Hanging Succulent Frame by Small + Friendly


3.  Mason Jar Succulents by Lolly Jane


4. Wooden Box Succulent Garden by Style Me Pretty


5. Mid-Century Planters by Sugar & Cloth