Do You Believe in Magic?

The Magic Circle, and all its simplicity, can bring significant results to your fitness routine. Created by Joseph Pilates (the mastermind of Pilates himself!) this apparatus is now considered a must-have by the fitness masses. Similar to the Pilates Reformer machine, it uses spring-like resistance which allows for tension on each phase of a move.


Below are 4 reasons to add the Pilates Magic Circle to your next workout:


1. It allows for a wide range of motion

Whereas dumbbells are universally one shape and grip, the Magic Circle’s dynamic flexibility supports a more generous range of motion to ebb and flow with your body’s guidance. Because the resistance is so subtle yet fierce, it’s still extremely challenging. However, you’re not lifting weights, so this is not an optimal prop to build muscle mass but rather to tone.


2. It’s safe on joints + ligaments

Fitness has come leaps and bounds, but the constant is always going to come back to alignment and posture. Without a firm grasp on your frame while performing an exercise, you run the risk of repetitive overcompensating. Usually, it’s our joints and ligaments that take the beating when one muscle group is stronger than another. Luckily, the flexibility of the Magic Circle allows you to challenge your muscular system safely.


3. It’s multi-functional

Being busy is one of life’s challenges. When we’re low on time, fitness can become less of a priority. Sometimes, it’s just too far to drive to class, or we don’t have the spare time to workout. That’s why multi-tasking is one of the appeals of the Magic Circle. The gentle force put towards the circle, whether you’re squeezing it or slightly pulling it, allows your body to develop a heightened awareness. These actions target your sense of balance while simultaneously training to tone and improve range of motion.


4. It’s easy to store + travel with

The Magic Circle weighs under a pound and is just over a foot wide, which makes it super convenient! You can take it with you on-the-go, as it easily fits in a suitcase or carry-on bag. On the flipside, if you’re into home Pilates workouts, the Magic Circle stores nicely under a bed or a drawer. Voila!