Enough With The Stuff


  1. The things that we think make us “fit in”, beautiful, happy, desirable. The things that we falsely believe make us feel like everything is OK and right in the world.


Who am I without my “stuff”? Why does it seem that our “stuff” is so important?


To every one of us, it is a different combination of things, from makeup, clothes and jewelry to cars, toys — and even certain friendships.


Why is it that we believe certain things make us fit in, beautiful, happy, desirable?


We assume that these things will make things better, but the truth is that the stuff can actually be a bandaid. If we don’t work on the inside, nothing on the outside will have any lasting pleasure. We will always need more; more clothes, more cars, a bigger high. The stakes get higher — and so does the fall.


The next time you think that you need that thing, whatever it may be for you, stop yourself and ask, “What am I feeding?“


If you can resist and find a way to feed yourself without the stuff, do that instead.


food for thought,

photo: Ryan Moreno