Fall Q&A: Andrea Stanford

Andrea with the Matteo Rope Blanket

What does fall represent to you? 
Fall is my favorite season! I love the colors and smells of everything changing. I’m not originally from LA, so even a glimpse of an autumn leaf (they do exist in LA!) makes me happy.

Anything special that you do to transition from summer to fall?
I love taking some version of the summer with me into fall – especially in LA where it is still crazy hot! This year I found an amazing pencil skirt in white leather – it is perfect teamed with my grey t-shirts and denim tops!

What is your number one fall essential?
This year I am loving my new sleek, black ankle boots! They will go everywhere, teamed with wide-legged cropped pants or my pencil skirts.

What is your BEYOND YOGA must have for fall?
I can’t choose just one!  I am LOVING: The tops (so pretty!), the Salt and Pepper M-Strap Cami (loving the pretty straps clearly!), The Cozy Quilt Raglan & the Hot-to-Trot Legging in Grey!

What do you do for exercise or where do you go to work out?
I need variety for sure. I work so much that I love to be outside – and I prefer when it does not feel like working out. I love to hike, run, walk. And of course, I love a good yoga class to keep me centered!

Any hidden gems in Los Angeles that you can share?
I’ve been going to El Leon for years. Their scrubs and massages are the best I’ve ever had. For home shopping, I love GARDE. Best stuff, period. For hair, I couldn’t live without Guy Riggio for cut and Kari Hill for color, both at Meche Salon and both artist/genius.

Favorite fall shoe?
Well, I am loving my black ankle boots, but my fun purchase is for sure my low, gold Golden Goose boots.

White jeans after labor day – yes or no?
If teamed with a big bulky sweater and boots, of course!

What is the next “IT” label?
So hard to choose – I think these are already IT – LOVING Giada Forte, Roseanna and Gary Graham. I am dying over the new capsule dress collection by Stacy Twilley (Twilley Atelier) too! She is a dear friend and I am in love with what she has created! For vintage inspiration, I am constantly inspired by Candie Weitz and US Alteration. She is always one step ahead. 

If you could treat yourself to only one big purchase per season, what should it be?
A vintage watch. It makes everything look better. 

Nails: color? art? plain?
I only wear nail polish on my hands twice a year, and then it is red. I am too busy to keep up with weekly manicures, so a bi-weekly trim and buff is the only way to go!

Big tote or small clutch?
I am loving anything cross-body right now. It is so much easier! Carrying a big satchel on your mid-arm is so exhausting!

What is your “go-to” uniform that you can wear from day to night?
Jeans, well-made T-shirt and blazer and comfortable low boots.

What are your favorite home decor trends of the moment?
I obsess over anything artisanal and small batch crafted. I believe the real luxury is anything of an elevated craft that was made with love. 
Some favorites:

And any list I have would not be complete with my forever design crush Alison Berger’s latest lighting. TOO GOOD.