Fall Q&A: Frankie Paige

What does fall represent to you?
Cool weather, cozy clothes and great company!  

Anything special that you do to transition from summer to fall?
Each seasonal change I go through all of my skincare and make adjustments according to weather temperature and conditions.

What is your number one fall essential?
Fall essential is unpacking the humidifier!  My skin gets so dry and my humidifier is a true skin saver during the cooler, dryer months.

What are your skincare tips for fall?
Use SPF no matter the season.  Assess skincare routine to fit the changing weather.  Increase your exfoliation with a gentle scrub or lactic acid wash.  Incorporate a humidifier into your bedtime routine to maintain hydration in the skin.  Increase masking during the cooler months.  Of course, always drink plenty of water.

What skincare product do you recommend for fall?
I recommend the FP Skin’s Restore Treatment moisturizer.  It will smooth the skin while keeping it hydrated and bright.  
What do you do for exercise?
I train with Dena at Huntley Drive in WeHo, Barry’s Bootcamp in WeHo or a sweet stroll with my husband Chris.

What music is on your workout playlist right now?
I have a great playlist from a Barry’s Bootcamp class instructor that I downloaded from iTunes. It’s called Bootcamp Beat and features great music by B.O.B., David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Michael Jackson and some Swedish House Mafia.

What is your BEYOND YOGA must have from the fall 2014 collection?
I love the Salt and Pepper M-Strap Cami!
Any hidden gems in Los Angeles that you can share?
Little Fork restaurant on Selma and Wilcox is a favorite restaurant that I frequent once a week.  I love the girls at Satin Soles at Fairfax and 3rd for my manicure/pedicure. 

If you could treat yourself to only one big purchase for your wardrobe per season, what would it be?
I’m crazy about great underwear. My favorites are by Lou, Tam Tam and Lilipiache.
NAILS: color? art? plain?
One coat of black and two coats of OPI Lincoln Park after Dark.
Big tote or small clutch?
During the day I carry my Louis Vuitton Never Full.  Funny though, its always full!  In the evening I carry one of my Claire Vivier clutches.
What is your “go-to” uniform that you can wear from day to night? 
Black is my uniform.  I usually carry a change of shoes in the car just in case I decide to meet someone for drinks or dinner.