Fall Q&A: Michelle Gracie

Michelle Gracie in BEYOND YOGA

[images][image]Michelle Gracie in BEYOND YOGA[image]Michelle Gracie in BEYOND YOGA[image]Michelle Gracie transitions into a night out in BEYOND YOGA[endimages]Anything special that you do to transition from summer to fall?
We all have things we can wear all year long.  To maintain some excitement for my wardrobe, I take a glance at my closet and try not to put too much thought into it. I grab anything that looks ultra-summery and hang it in the closet in the guest room. 

What does fall represent to you?
Fall represents CHANGE. Maybe it’s the east coast in me, but the changing foliage is the ultimate representation of change. I love watching the greens turn to yellows to deep reds and orange, till the last leaf falls and the branches are bare. 

What is your number one fall essential?
Leggings! I need Leggings in every color.

What is your BEYOND YOGA must have from the fall 2014 collection?
That’s a hard one! It’s a toss up between the Carefree Cardigan and the Enclose Me Cardigan

What do you do for exercise or where do you go to work out?
I run, I hike, I love to workout outdoors. And, one of the best parts about living in Los Angeles is that we have some of the best yoga classes available! Free yoga classes at the base of Runyon Canyon, Hot 8 Yoga, and my favorite yoga with Christine at Pause in Joy workshops.

Favorite fall shoe?
Only one? Tall black boots or classic black pattern stilettos.

White jeans after labor day – yes or no?
Only if you’re JLo! She is the only fashionista alive who can pull it off. 

What is the next “IT” label?
That’s so easy: Beyond Yoga. I can transition perfectly from day to night!

If you could treat yourself to one big purchase this season, what would it be?
An amazing purse. Bags are the best arm candy! 

Big tote or small clutch?
Big tote by day, clutch by night.

What music is on your workout playlist right now?
“Happy” by Pharrell. I also love Drake. If it has a good beat and makes me want to run, then it’s an instant download.