Game Night

Scenario: You’re hosting a game night. E-vites or emails or group texts have been sent, and people have RSVP’ed that they’ll be there. You have snack and drink ideas on lock. The house is clean and the living room is well stocked with comfy pillows and throws for maximum comfort. You’ve created a carefully curated playlist to set the mood. The only detail left? The games, of course.
Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are six of our favorite games to play with friends:


1. The Game of Things

Get the creative juices flowing – and get a good helping of everyone’s individual personalities and senses of humor – as you all respond to topic cards with prompts like “Things you shouldn’t say to your boss” and “Things your parents forgot to tell you.”

2. Scene It? TV Edition

This is the perfect choice for a group of TV lovers, as it challenges players’ knowledge of TV trivia. Bring your tube-loving A-game to fight for the right to be named the ultimate channel surfer.

3. Wits and Wagers

The best part about this game? You can be the winner without actually knowing the answer! Just give it your best guess and then players will bet on the best hunch to name the winner.

4. Buffalo

Ideal for the name-droppers among us, this game challenges players to think fast to come up with someone who fits the bill for, say, a blind scientist or multiracial superhero.

5. Cards Against Humanity

This game absolutely had to be included on our list. Sure, most folks have played it at this point, but that doesn’t make it any less perfect as a crowd pleaser. Let the laughs flow freely with this wonderful game, which calls itself “a party game for horrible people,” encouraging hilarious, awkward, or downright offensive answers to prompts.

6. Quelf

There’s only one rule when it comes to playing Quelf: obey the card. If played correctly, this game will lead to players executing amazingly ridiculous stunts and answering crazy questions in the race to cross the finish line first.