Go-To Beach Workout

One of my favorite things about summer is beach workouts! What’s more fun than getting your sweat on then relaxing the rest of the day by the ocean? Whether you’re traveling this summer for a beach vacation or you live super close to the beach like I do, try these go-to moves for a quick HIIT workout. (And don’t forget your sunscreen!)


1. Squats


Jump, pulse, or hold. No matter what type of squat you do, this is one of the best exercises for your booty. Squats also work your entire body meaning you’re getting more bang for your buck! Really focus on squeezing your buns at the top of the movement and remember to always engage your core, pulling your bellybutton in towards your spine. I like to do 20 full squats, 20 pulse squats, and 20 jump squats back to back as an added challenge.



2. Reverse lunges with high knees


Another amazing heart pumping move to help strengthen, lengthen, and blast fat in the legs, thighs, and core! This is also an amazing balance challenge so make sure if you are not feeling stable you move off of the sand for this one. If you chose to do this move in the sand, be sure to start slow and get the movement down then pick up the pace!



3. Drop and give me 20… pushups


Again, any variation of a pushup will work (on your knees, toes, with one leg lifted, etc). Pushups are not only great for building strength in your entire body but they will give your heart rate a little spike as well and make ya really start sweating!



4. Pike planks


My favorite core and shoulder move. This might look easy but if you’re doing them correctly you will start to feel the burn almost immediately. Engage that core (from the hip flexors to your transverse abdominals) and focus on not letting your hips dip too low on the way down. Creating a strong core is super important for your spine health.



5. Star jumps


This is your cardio blast move, do star jumps or jumping jacks to really get your heart rate pumping and the sweat flowing. It’s important to add in a cardio blast movement when doing a HIIT workout. Not only is this move fun but it’s a great all over body toner as well. If you have knee problems do step out jacks and just keep moving throughout the entire minute.



Repeat this circuit two to three times doing at least 15-20 repetitions per exercises and per leg if necessary for the ultimate full body beach HIIT workout. Then apply more sunscreen, change into your swimwear and kick back and relax with your toes in the sand and a drink in hand!