Having It All Kinda Sucks

Today is ‘Take Our Daughters & Sons to Work Day’ and it got us thinking about what it really means to balance career and family.

The Huffington Post recently published an article by working mother Amy Westervelt entitled “Having It All Kinda Sucks” — and we found her brutal honesty so very refreshing. Today seems like the appropriate day to share some of her insights and opinions.

In short, Amy debunks the myth of women “having it all” (babies and a great career) and the societal pressure that comes along with it.

As she puts it, “we should cut it out with the fairy tales already. Stop telling women they can have everything without sacrificing anything. Here’s the truth: You want to have a career and kids? You totally can, but both will suffer. You will never feel like you are devoting enough time to either. You will never feel like you are good enough at either. You will never get time off (at least for the first several years). You will always be choosing between things that need your attention, and you will almost never choose yourself. You will be judged for nearly every move you make and you will never measure up to anyone else’s expectations.”

What’s her solution? Making it acceptable for women to opt in or opt out — of either having kids and/or having a career — without judgement either way.

Amy proposes that we “redefine ‘having it all,’ or better yet let each woman define for herself what the best version of her life might look like.” We couldn’t agree more.

Read the full article on The Huffington Post.