How to Document Baby’s First Year

When I was pregnant, just about everyone who was already a parent would remind me that, “it goes by so fast!” I knew that would be true, but I couldn’t fully grasp it until my daughter was born last spring and started changing so fast it was insane. (Sometimes I go to get her up in the morning and I swear she’s grown while she was sleeping.)

With so much evolving so quickly, keeping track of your baby’s milestones and development is a helpful way to hang onto some of those stages before – poof! – they’re gone and your kiddo has moved on to the next phase.

Here are four ways to help yourself hang onto some of those special memories so you can look back on them for years to come:

1. Keep a journal

This one is simple — and a journal is so much more portable than a baby book! If you get into the habit of jotting down quick notes when your baby does something new or dislikes a food or is sleeping great, etc., you’ll soon have a book full of memories. I love carrying my journal in my purse, and will often write down a few short notes in the morning when I get to work and have a quiet moment to reflect. [photo by Anthropologie]

2. Create a memory jar

This one’s fun! Put a jar along with a few scraps of paper in a room where you spend lots of time, such as the playroom or kitchen. Then, write down notes about things your baby is doing, date them, and add them to the jar! As your child gets older, you can pull milestones out of the jar together to reflect on how much he or she has grown. [photo by Messes to Memories]

3. Design a milestone poster

For your child’s first birthday, consider creating your own “My First Year” poster! You can design your own or have one made by a professional. I love this watercolor design from Etsy. [photo by Night & Day Gifts]

4. Make a quilt from outgrown clothes

Babies grow so fast and that means they grow out of all those adorable clothes — many of which are gifts from loved ones! Create a special quilt of the clothes your baby has outgrown and maybe even write a memory about each outfit somewhere on the quilt. Here is a great option on Etsy! [photo by Southern Charm Quilts]


photo credit: Dakota Corbin