i am BEYOND… Fearless

A highly respected globe-trotting yogini, Krista Cahill is as passionate about her asanas and experiencing new cultures as she is about a killer pair of heels. With a jaw-dropping yoga practice, and equally impressive client list, Krista is an inspiring woman in every sense: a humble and giving master teacher, a compassionate leader and relentlessly chic. On or off the mat, Krista Cahill takes it BEYOND. 


Name three things you like about the way you look.
I appreciate my, strength, my long neck, and my ever changing eye color (depending on the colors I wear)!
Name three things you like about yourself that have nothing to do with looks.
I know and appreciate my generosity, my loyalty, and my new found love for self healing and acceptance!
How often do you feel pretty?
I feel pretty and awesome everyday, at some point.
We all struggle with insecurities. What do you struggle with most in regards to your appearance?
I feel insecure about my low back, having a reverse curve in my spine challenges me in my practice, but also in my day to day posture out in the world.  I am now just working on stability and acceptance.
In your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful?
Confidence and self love. It’s 100% the only thing I hope for each woman to see and practice.
When do you feel most proud of who you are?
My pride comes from my zeal for life and love. I believe that we actively create our own reality through our thoughts and attitudes about our circumstances.
What are you most afraid of?
Death and losing loved ones. I have had too many experiences this past year that left me feeling raw and heartbroken. I know it is inevitable we all go through loss and grief, but it is a very difficult place to be.
In our experience, self love is the driving force behind happiness. How do you show yourself love?
My life is a constant checking in. I am hard on myself and have a competitive nature, but it is about regulating and feeling worthy of my fortunate life and the love I am blessed with. I remind myself that I deserve the love and kindness I experience on a daily basis.
Who inspires you?
My mentors and teachers. Among them, my mentor Maty Ezraty – she has loved me for me and shown me my worth. She has taken the time and I will always feel grateful for that!
What do you appreciate more as you age?
Eating a whole food, plant-based diet. I am now concentrating on eating the most nutritious fresh food diet possible. I have beat up my body from years of intense athletic activities and now is about being gentle with my body.

More women should…

Show themselves kindness. We underestimate our own internal power for healing through kindness.

What is more important to you today than it was 10 or 20 years ago?

My skin. I am embracing and caring for it by limiting sun exposure and protecting it. I make sure to hydrate both from the inside and from the outside.

More women need to be inspired to age gracefully – what’s your advice?
We all age, so attaching to your exterior beauty is a slippery slope. Developing inner beauty will empower us to make peace with the inevitable truth of growing older.

What do you do for exercise?
I am giving up on intense fitness. For me, it was an unhealthy practice I used to punish myself for not feeling or looking perfect. I am now happier with the therapeutic and healing in my yoga practice – and I do love walking in the canals in Venice. I am all about letting go of the crazy standard put onto women in LA and all over the world.

Any hidden gems in Los Angeles that you can share?

My new obsession is Plant Food and Wine on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California. I leave feeling beautiful and nourished and I have grown to love the staff. I hope all will explore and enjoy the culinary genius served up by lovely people committed to health and happiness.

What is your must have from Beyond Yoga?

My long, soft Essential Long Leggings. I spend my whole life in them – it’s rare for me to wear jeans or street fashion.

What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga is a slow process of self discovery. In the past 16 years, I have found my heart and soul through practicing yoga. I want to share this with my friends and students. I am hopeful this practice will shift our inner self-critic to a inner guru of love and acceptance. I wish that for everyone!

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PHOTO: Cass Bird