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Jodi Guber Brufsky is the creative force behind BEYOND YOGA – a lifestyle collection inspired by empowerment, authenticity and living a full life. Daughter, sister, mother, wife and loyal friend, Jodi’s love & commitment inspire all those around her. Combining her business sense, philanthropic spirit, keen eye for detail and intimate knowledge of how to flatter every woman’s body – Jodi Guber Brufsky is BEYOND. We sat down with Jodi and asked her some questions about the New Year, what inspires her and her style must-haves.



What is your favorite word?

Do you do anything special to transition to the New Year?
Well firstly, I don’t make New Years resolutions as we should be working on ourselves all the time and trying to be the best version of ourselves throughout the year. Having said that, I like to look back on the year and see where I could have done things differently and learn from my mistakes and make the coming year even better.

That’s great advice. Why don’t you make New Year’s resolutions?
I made a New Year’s resolution to not make New Year’s resolutions. It seems that too often people make resolutions and break them and make the same one the year later: lose weight, eat less, exercise more, work harder etc. only to find that the next year they are wishing and hoping and praying for the same thing.

Having said that, my life resolution is to always be open to grow and change, to be vulnerable and to love myself. Some may think loving myself sounds arrogant but it’s not it’s the most important thing you could do for yourself and others – it’s the only way to create lasting change! It’s the only resolution everyone should be making! When someone asks me what is Beyond Yoga? I reply, “Beyond Yoga is falling in love with yourself!”

You’ve posted about being #BeyondPresent. What is a tip for being present in the moment?
DON’T MULTITASK! Don’t believe the hype that women can multitask and men can’t. No one can. It keeps you from being present and in the moment (with the exception of mindless activities, like washing the dishes while watching TV or talking on the phone.)

Let’s talk style. What is your number one wardrobe essential?
Only one? Not sure I can limit it to one. My YSL platform boots – they work almost all year round and give me height and make me look chic,  a great manicure and pedicure (when you are showing your toes) and, most importantly, a good attitude. An attitude of confidence and self love – nothing is sexier and makes the outfit!

What is the next “IT” label?
Really now? Beyond Yoga of course!

What is your BEYOND YOGA must have for 2015?
Besides everything? I am really into the Quilted Leggings – they are amazing and super chic on and off the mat. I also love the legs for days leggings because they make me feel like a hip ballerina (and also work and off on the mat.) Lastly, our new space dye fabric is the softest thing you’ve ever worn! They are so amazing that they are constantly sold out so buy when available!

You mentioned you love manicures. Color, art or plain?
Color and art! I am a manicure junkie – my hands would be lost without Liliana and Erika from Jessica Nails. I go for the bold colors of cobalt blue and all shades of green from kelly to olive. I also treat my toes to nail art several times a year . For my toes, I use Olive & June for fancy gel art and Hayley Alexander for amazing fabrics that she adheres to your toes.

What do you do for exercise & where do you work out?
What don’t I do! I am a lover of staying fit and active. I work out with Kevin Daniels and we do everything from rubber bands on the ceiling, to mini trampoline and resistance bands to sit ups and cardio – he gets me from head to toe! I also workout with Neda of JAM – we dance and she kicks my butt! Check her out online and if you are in Malibu – I highly recommend making it to one of her classes! I also play tennis 2 times per week and I swim at then Pepperdine pool – it’s no impact and gets all your muscles! 

When in New York, I visit Soul Cycle and I’m excited to try some of the new workouts I’ve been hearing about SLT, Nicole Winhoffer’s dance class, AKT in Motion, Model Fit, Punch Fitness Center, The Class (Taryn Toomey) and Aqua (Spin in water).

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
All organic health foods.

What music is on your workout playlist right now?
I am a teenager trapped in a grown woman’s body so lots of chart toppers like Taylor Swift and Jesse J – loving her! I also like oldies from Bob Marley and Elton John to Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen.

What is your guilty pleasure?
TV – and some really bad TV at that!!

What sound or noise do you hate?
Gum smacking.

What sound or noise do you love?
The ocean.

And finally, what do you value most in your friends?
Their integrity and authenticity. 

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