Inside Azita’s Bag

Azita's Bag


Azita's Bag


Meditation As Medicine by Dharma Singh Khalsa M.D


Cowgirl Chocolates


Egyptian Magic Skin Cream


Il Bisonte Passport Holder


MAC Spice Lip Liner

[endimages]We asked yogi, scholar and therapist Azita Nahai, Ph.D. what her everyday essentials are and she gave us an exclusive look inside her bag!


  • RRL Canvas Tote—I obsess over anything Ralph Lauren, particularly RRL! 

  • Dharma Singh Khalsa’s Book: Meditation as Medicine is super important to me. These practical Kundalini yoga techniques offer a window into my Ph.D. research – healing trauma through Kundalini yoga & meditation.

  • Vintage cowboy boots—made for walking.

  • What kind of cowgirl doesn’t love Cowgirls Chocolates dark chocolate?

  • Miu Miu studded leather make up bag.

  • The magic of the pharaohs – Egyptian Magic Skin Cream does wonders for the skin when it’s hot and dry.

  • I always have both my British and American passport handy in this Il Bisonte natural passport holder. I am the ‘yes girl’—always ready on the fly for a big adventure!

  • This vintage woven Guatemalan textile pouch is perfect to throw in little odds & ends for an overnight jaunt.

  • MAC Spice Lip liner takes up no space in my bag and can dress up any outfit.

  • Vintage Zuni Indian turquoise earrings—I always have turquoise on me because it’s an ancient protector.

  • I carry my Mala Beads everywhere because they remind me that I can be anywhere to meditate.

  • Luxuriously soft BEYOND YOGA Quilted Leggings are also luxuriously chic.