Inside Jodi’s Bag

Inside Jodi Guber Brufsky's Bag


Inside Jodi Guber Brufsky's Bag

Hermes Enamel H Bracelet

Raw: The Uncook Book by Juliano Brotman

Dita Sunglasses

Santa Maria Novella Almond Body Oil

[endimages]We asked BEYOND YOGA visionary & founder Jodi Guber Brufsky what her everyday essentials are and she gave us an exclusive look inside her bag! 


  • My BEYOND YOGA Goddess Sweater is my perfect go-to for feeling chic post workout.

  • RAW: the UNcook Book by Juliano Brotman – I’m obsessed with raw foods.

  • Tom’s Toothpaste I try to use natural products with the least amount of chemicals and preservatives, starting with my mouth!

  • Hermes white bangle – a treasured gift from my sister and brother in law. 

  • i am BEYOND mala beads with diamond Om – designed by me but blessed by an Indian Guru. I always carry them with me.

  • SPRINKLE COOKIES – for the girls of course. At least that’s what I tell myself to avoid the guilt! 

  • Dita Sunglasses with spring hinges from C by Karina – an eternal favorite. (call C by Karina & mention the word BEYOND for a 15% discount on these glasses)

  • Santa Maria Novella Almond body oil is like a portable fountain of youth, it is truly BEYOND!

  • i am BEYOND gold and diamond bangles and rings – my creation and something I wear often that makes me feel put-together and so chic. (contact for order inquiries)

  • You just can’t go wrong with a Leica and I am never without a camera.

  • Gucci vintage note pad – a gift from my nanna who passed last year at 99. She’s my inspiration – both a fashionista and true beauty. I always keep it close to remind me of her.

  • The P.E. Bal (metal pyramid) – it protects you from the radiation coming from your computer. I have one in front of every computer.