Inside Shiva’s Bag

Inside Shiva Rose's Bag


Inside Shiva Rose's Bag
Givenchy Pandora Messenger Bag,default,pd.html


Rogue Chocolatier Hispaniola Chocolate


Prada Red Leather Wallet


The Mystic in the Theatre by Elenora Dusa.


Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil

[endimages]We asked actress, writer, designer and activist Shiva Rose of The Local Rose what her everyday essentials are and she gave us an exclusive look inside her bag!


  • Vintage Contax point and shoot—I don’t want to miss out on capturing an inspiring moment!

  • BEYOND YOGA Lift Your Spirits Bra – amazing fit! 

  • My Givenchy Pandora messenger bag is big enough to hold everything I need for the day, but sleek enough to move with me as I run around town. 

  •  J.Crew men’s straw hat—Who isn’t in love with J.Crew’s accessories? 

  • Rogue Chocolatier Hispaniola dark chocolate needs no introduction. 

  • A black and white postcard from Fragile Life, the play I wrote.

  • My Prada leather wallet—the red is like a burst of energy whenever I take it out!

  • I love Apartamento Magazine because of the clean design and stunning interiors. Reading it is both inspiring and therapeutic.

  • Books of poetry and The Mystic in the Theatre by Elenora Dusa.

  • My chanting book and beads are two things I never leave home without.

  • Weleda Wild Rose body oil. (Shiva’s own oils are now available at The Local Rose – simply a must-have!)

  • A sage smudge stick tied with a vintage ribbon is infinitely calming and has such a nostalgic smell.