Kundalini Changed My Life

My life looked a lot different three months ago. I was working at a stable job in the fashion industry. I made it. Or so I thought. I was living in the East Village with my boyfriend of five years. We made it. Or so I thought. I had it all. Or so I thought. 

With everything so “picture perfect” why did I feel like something was missing? I was constantly in this never-ending cycle of wanting more from life but not knowing how to get there. Friendships. Relationships. Personal development. You name it, I was stuck. This is not the life I imagined I would be living when I first set out to live and work in New York City. I couldn’t take it anymore. 

So I reached out to my yogi friends for advice. A Kundalini Teacher and dear friend of mine, Desiree Pais, recommended I practice this Sobagh Kriya, which targets prosperity and expansion. I love Kundalini yoga because you can feel the difference instantly. She sent me this video with this informational guide to read all about it. She told me to practice this for 40 days. I practiced it for 30 days and it completely changed my life. 

You may be wondering how? Well, the kriya shakes up the entire system. The mind. The body. The soul. Everything in you pushes you to become the greatest version of yourself. All of a sudden, my intuition became clear and I knew what I wanted and better yet, what I deserved.  It helped me realize that my dreams were too small for my destiny. And to break free from the limitations my mind created.

Within days I noticed a difference in my everyday decisions. If something did not resonate with me, I could easily choose not to do something. Take for example, the morning coffee. Everyday, because it was convenient I would grab a coffee from Starbucks downstairs of my office. I didn’t necessary like this coffee. It didn’t make me happy. I didn’t like the taste but because it was easily accessible I would continue to go. And then, as soon as I started to clear my intuition, I realized very easily that I no longer wanted to spend my money there and I would go out of my way to get the cup of coffee that I did enjoy. That brought happiness in my life. And before I knew it, all the decisions in my life from choosing a cup of coffee to career choices that I would be making would be made on this frequency. 

All of a sudden, I started to believe in myself and follow my gut. I deserved to work in a place where the people like working with me. I deserve to work for something I am passionate about. I deserve to have the relationships in my life that make me become the best version of myself. I deserve to be radiant on the outside and I am feeling on the outside. 

Three months ago, I was playing small. But now? I am radiating. I am thriving. I cut 5 inches off my hair. I got my dream ear piercings. I dropped those 10 pounds that could usually never come off. I created my dream tribe. I am working my dream schedule. I am teaching kids yoga. I am writing. I am creatively consulting for brands that I love and believe in. I created a Kids Yoga company. I am making my dreams come true. This is not magic. This is mastery. 

Kundalini Kriya Meditation

The complete set is made up of five parts that are practiced for an equal amount of time. Try them from 3 to up to 11 minutes. 

Bring your hands in front of your heart center.
Cross thumbs below the hands, with the right thumb under the left.
Alternate hitting the index fingers and the outer side of the hand.
Chant “Har” with each movement.
Eyes should be nine-tenths dosed, focusing on the tip of the nose. 

Stretch arms up to sixty degree, open your fingers and spread them widely.
Cross your arms alternating right over left and left over right while internally chanting “Har” with each movement. 

Stretch arms up to sixty degrees, place your thumb in your fists and press hard!
Move the arms in small backward circles.
Chant “God” with each movement. 

Bring your hands in front of your body with the palms facing the body.
Right hand goes up and the left hand goes down, crossing each other.
Chant “Har, Haray, Haree, Wahe Guru.
Then whisper. Then whistle. 

Place arms at shoulder level, left hand/arm under right hand/arm.
Breathe the one minute breath: 20 seconds to inhale, 20 seconds to hold, 20 seconds to exhale.