LA Juice Journals

When it comes to juicing, LA knows how to do it — and they do it well. On a recent work trip to Los Angeles, I spent two weeks traveling between Venice, West Hollywood and Malibu. In between photoshoots, event planning, meetings and emails, I needed to refuel with nutritious juices and smoothies that would keep me energized and full at the same time. So, I went searching for local juice shops with all the good stuff: organic, cold-pressed juices, bottled in glass bottles and, ideally, locally sourced.

Here’s a roundup of my favorite Los Angeles juice shops so far:


1. Renew Juicery

I stopped into the Renew Juicery Wellness Center in Culver City and instantly I knew it was everything that I’d ever wanted in a juice shop and more! The founder, Brooke, has created an incredible wellness center where you can buy fresh juices, smoothies, almond mylks, pantry items, as well her skincare line infused with all those delicious ingredients in the drinks + a cryotherapy tank to completely reset your body, mind and soul. Talk about amazing, right! It’s a one stop shop. I enjoyed a bottle of the Super Roots juice because it was the morning and it was what Brooke recommended to me for energy. And for the road, I grabbed a bottle of the Matcha Almond Mylk, which blew me away! Plus, her products are all locally sourced, organic, cold-pressed and bottled in glass containers. 


2. Moon Juice

I have been trying Moon Juice dusts for the past year, so when I got to LA, their West Hollywood location was on the top of my to-visit list! After meeting with another nutritionist for a morning meeting, she recommended I stop by here to try some of their concoctions and fun nibbles that are available in the fridge. I walked into the new Melrose location and fell instantly in love. The decor, the beauty products on the shelves, the pantry items and the delicious recipes were enough to make this lady spend an hour in there. I asked questions and learned about the ingredients. I was (and still am) hooked. I tried several of the organic pressed juices and ended up leaving with a Sex Dust Matcha Tea. It was so delicious and kept me elevated and creatively sparked for the next several hours. A few days later, before a workshop at RAMA Institute, I ventured to the Venice location and purchased a bottled of the Strawberry Milk. It was heavenly and I can’t wait to go back soon for more of these goodies!


3. Juice Served Here

I walked into the West Hollywood location on a hot, sunny afternoon. They offer a variety of juices, smoothies, lemonades and shots, as well as small to-go foods such as salads, chia puddings, and coconut yogurt. I loved going here because I could spend a lot of time trying all their juices. I was able to sample several of them before choosing the final juice. I fell in love with several but left with one, Cream Party which consists of Coconut Water and Coconut Cream. The lovely attendee recommended this juice because it is low in calories and is packed with electrolytes to keep the body hydrated. I loved this juice and am already craving another one. What I love most about this shop is how educated the staff was; they really helped me pick the best juice for what I was needing that day, plus they are cold-pressed and the ingredients are organic. I’ll be back for juice & more education on these ingredients as soon as possible!  


4. Erewhon Tonic & Juice Bar

Woah! Organic supermarket heaven. I met a dear friend, Shauna, Founder of Soul Wellness Method here for an early morning meeting. It was the first time we were meeting, and since she is a nutritionist and a LA local, I looked to her to advise the best juice to start our day off right. She recommended the Green Goddess Smoothie because it was filled with delicious superfoods such as spirulina, blue green algae and more! I ended up going back three more times throughout my trip. Best part? Erewhon juices are organic, locally sourced, sustainably farmed and bottled in glass containers.


5. Beverly Hills Juice Club

This is a staple juice shop in West Hollywood, as it’s been around since 1979. It’s a cash only store that sells fresh juice, shakes and shots. Shakes are like smoothies but they all have a banana, almonds and a juice. On this day, I already had a smoothie or I would have tried this one so instead I ordered a Carrot Coconut juice. It tasted delicious and was full of the carrot flavor that I was searching for in my afternoon juice. I had walked there from working at a café and needed hydration and nutrients. Next time, on a hot day, I’ll opt for a green juice or coconut water instead as this juice was a bit thicker than I was expecting. But still, overall a great $5 juice for when you’re on the go in LA.


Other favorites include: The Juice LA, Clover JuiceNaturewell, and Pressed JuiceryWhat are your favorite juice shops in LA, or your city?


Photo Credit: Juice Served Here