Make Your Own Herb-Infused Honey

Herbal honeys are a sweet and simple way to add herbal medicine into your winter routine. Both antiviral and antimicrobial, this blend is the perfect antidote for boosting immunity and fighting off the flu this season. Below are two of my favorite recipes:


Sage Rose Herbal Honey


1. Fill a mason jar 1/2 full with 1 part sage + 1 part rose or ¾ full with dried herbs

2. Mix in honey until completely full

3. Allow honey to sit for 1-6 weeks, turning every few days to combine

4. Enjoy 1-2 tsp in hot water as a medicinal tea or take a spoonful when you are feeling run down or feel a flu coming on.



Elderberry Cough Syrup


1. Boil 4 cups of water

2. Reduce heat

3. Add + simmer on low 3/4th cup of elderberry seeds for 30 mins – 1 hour (or until the liquid is reduced to 2 cups)

4. Strain off elderberry seeds and save for later (they make a wonderful compete or tangy jam base!)

5. Take elderberry liquid and mix in honey until syrupy consistency is formed

6. Transfer into glass jar and use 1-2 tsp per day in cases of fever/colds


*Optional add in: thyme or rosemary for extra antibacterial effects.