Model Spotlight: Jesiree

Jesiree with her son


Jesiree with her son


Jesiree on set at a Beyond Yoga photo shoot


Jesiree in the Hang Loose Pullover by BEYOND YOGA

Meet Beyond Yoga model Jesiree. She’s a mother, a model and an all around amazing person. Jesiree shares her New Year’s resolutions, how she stays present in her daily life and some of her 2015 style faves. 

What does the new year represent to you?
A fresh start.  A chance to do things you didn’t get to do, try new things you have always wanted to, or do things differently.

Do you do anything special to transition into the New Year? 
I look at what I have accomplished in the current year and set attainable goals for the new year…… in my career, in my relationship, and in my personal life.

How do you embrace the “new year, new you” mentality?
Mentally, I force myself to have a clean slate.  Be grateful for who I am and what I have done, and prepare for the “new and improved” me.

What new years resolutions have you tried in the past that stuck? How did you make it last?
A lot of my new years resolutions have been fitness or healthier lifestyle based lately.  I usually make them attainable goals and have people in my life that will hold me accountable – but I think keeping them realistic is the key to actually making them last.  

Do you have any tips for staying present and being in the moment?
Hmmm …… this one made me think.  I think for me, just enjoying what you have right in front of you and not wishing for things you don’t have or dwelling on things in the past – REALLY being grateful for what you are blessed with is the best way to stay present and be in the moment.  The moment we start wishing we had more or dwell on what has passed, we don’t see the beauty of things that are right in front of us and then, those too, will pass.

What is your BEYOND YOGA must have for 2015?
The cozy quilted lounge pants (paired with the Hang Loose Pullover) are one of the most comfortable sweats I have worn in a long time – I HAD to have them!

What is your number one wardrobe essential?
Leggings….. you can’t go wrong with leggings! You can work out in them, shop in them, and dress them up! When in doubt, leggings! 

What do you do for exercise or where do you go to work out?
Believe it or not, I actually do yoga! I’m no yogi, but I try and am getting better! I also do spin at Cycle House in West Hollywood.  They have the BEST instructors by far (and I have tried a lot of places.) I also take the Tread and Shred classes at Crunch with Joey Rubino. This year, I really want to start boxing with him. 

Any hidden gems in Los Angeles that you can share?
Bea Bea’s in Burbank is UH-MAZING! The most incredible breakfast EVER – it will change your life! 

What is the next “IT” label?
Beyond Yoga… duh!

If you could treat yourself to only one big purchase for your wardrobe per season, what would it be?
Shoes… definitely shoes.

NAILS: Color? Art? Plain?
If I had my choice, fun colors for sure with maybe some subtle art, but work requires plain nude ALWAYS! 

What music is on your workout playlist right now?
Well since I take mostly classes, they always play music for me, but when I do cardio on my own, I like to listen to anything hip hop.  That seems to get me in the mood! 

What is your “go-to” uniform that you can wear from day to night?
All  black everything! You can never go wrong with all black – dress it down with a fun sneaker or up with an amazing heel or boot.  Black just goes with everything!