Mom Knows Best


Rebecca Gayheart Dane with her children


Molly Sims with her daughter


Elaine Irwin with her daughter


Shiri Appleby with her mom


Estee Stanley with her daughter


Jennifer Meyer with her children


Lisa Rinna with her mom


Christina ZIlber with her daughter


Jodi Guber Brufsky with her mom & grandmother

[endimages]In honor of Mother’s day this Sunday, I asked some of my friends to share the best advice they’ve ever received from their moms or given to their daughters. Their answers are BEYOND inspiring.

Growing up, my mother taught me that ” I can’t” was something we were never to say. She taught us that anything was possible – we could be, do and create anything we set our minds to – and I am trying to impart that same knowledge to my own girls. Along with that, my mom used love as a cure all for any and all problems and I am also following her footsteps in that way as well. -Rebecca Gayheart Dane

The best lesson my mom taught me was to always be gracious and grateful.  It is easy when you’re winning but a greater lesson when things aren’t going your way. This is what I will teach my daughter, Scarlett May. -Molly Sims 

For my own daughter, I can only watch as she blossoms and hope that along the way she will employ some of the following: Be present and invested in all that you do, embrace life’s adventure,  make room for inspiration and time to follow to your heart,  feed your appetite for knowledge, know that challenges make you stronger,  never fear failure or hard work as they are great teachers, strive to be your best just for you , be a thoughtful friend and a good listener, keep your heart and mind open, know when to be strong and when to be soft, find the value in always being yourself. –Elaine Irwin

My mother taught me how to give my all to motherhood. She was endless in her effort in raising my brother and I and we are both parents now recreating the magical childhood she gave us. -Shiri Appleby

My advice to my daughter is always telling her the most important thing in life is to be grateful for everything you have and alway have fun! -Estee Stanley

My mom taught me to be loving, kind and compassionate. I encourage my kids to always be themselves, love everyone and of course say please and thank you! -Jennifer Meyer Maguire

The best lesson my mom taught me that resonates the most is be true to yourself… and just do it!  -Lisa Rinna
I think the best lesson I can teach my daughter is to value and treasure her girlfriends. Girlfriends laugh with you, cry with you, celebrate life’s victories with you and hold your hand as you move through life’s tragedies. They are as important as family! -Christina Zilber

My mother and grandmother taught me to live life to the fullest and that you are never too old. My nanna lived until 99 and she was AMAZING! She started e-mailing when she was 95 – she was the epitome of live BEYOND! My mom has always believed in living a full, long life and I inherited that (I’m going to 150!) Thanks nanna and mom! -Jodi Guber Brufsky