New Years Party Tips

Though all things Christmas are front and center in most of our minds these days, don’t forget that another amazing holiday comes right on its heels: New Year’s Eve! Start your planning now, and you’re sure to ring in 2016 with style and grace. 

To help your NYE bash turn out flawlessly, we’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind as you’re doing your prep work:

Send out evites.

This will keep your life simpler, and you don’t have to plan as far in advance!

Compile a playlist everyone will love.

In your evites, ask each respondent to share their three favorite songs from 2015. Use the songs your guests suggest to build a killer playlist to remember the past year.

Pick the right start time.

Don’t get your party going too early – consider asking people to start showing up around 9 p.m. or so, ensuring that they’ll stay until well after midnight.

Keep the food light – at first.

Initially, put out snacks such as chips and dip, veggie and fruit plates, pretzels, and the like. Then, at 11 p.m. or so, introduce a breakfast buffet (think egg casseroles, fruit, pastries, bacon, and waffles) for something a bit different. By then, everyone will be getting their second wind – and an appetite to accompany it!

Create memories.

Set up a corner of the party room to be a photo booth. You just need a simple backdrop (or just use the wall!) and to supply some fun props to spark inspiration.

Keep things traditional.

Your guests are sure to enjoy classic New Year’s Eve items like noisemakers, hats, and boas, so be sure to have these out for people to grab – especially as midnight nears!

Mix up your drink options.

Instead of going with just champagne consider spicing things up with selections like champagne sangria or a sorbet cocktail (sherbet + champagne/prosecco).

Don’t put your Christmas ornaments away just yet!

Well, you should probably pack away MOST of your Christmas decorations for your party, but feel free to repurpose a few options that don’t scream “Santa.” (Think icicles, stars, and other silver, gold, or glittery decorations.)

Theme your party favors.

Pack a gift bag with a jar of dried black-eyed peas and corn bread mix, along with a recipe for greens and hoppin’ John, to be sure your guests will be able to enjoy a good luck New Year’s meal the day after your party.