Pilates, A Love Affair

As a health and wellness enthusiast and former athlete, I love to stay fit and active. So, it was only a matter of time before I found Pilates.

I initially fell in love with Pilates because it makes my body feel and look amazing. I later learned that it was invented to rehabilitate the body, making it perfect for anyone, from those with injuries or limitations to pro athletes.

As with many athletes, I had a few injuries from playing sports, and once I started practicing Pilates, I instantly felt a difference. The fact that it makes your body look like a dancer’s doesn’t hurt either! 


Pilates was invented to rehabilitate the body, making it the perfect workout for anybody, especially those with injuries and/or weakened muscles, joints, ligaments or bones. 

While playing sports in high school, I injured both of my knees. I tore my left ACL, had reconstructive surgery, and then later sprained my other ACL playing basketball. Since my injuries, it has been very difficult trying to find a workout that is good for my ligaments, joints, and muscles and doesn’t aggravate or flare my knees. I have tried almost every type of workout and Pilates is the only type that was not only gentle on my knees — it gave me a good workout. 

Longer & Leaner 

As a fitness model, I’ve always been very concerned about bulking up from working out, and Pilates does the exact opposite; it literally elongates your muscles so you not only feel longer and leaner, you actually physically are!

When I first started my Pilates practice, I wanted to see if the claims were actually true for myself. I embarked on a 30 day challenge where I did Pilates five days a week for 30 days and took my measurements once a week. At the end of the challenge I had lost inches from stomach, arms, and legs! It didn’t dawn on me at the time, but I later discovered that I actually grew a littler over an inch taller, as well.

I recommend Pilates to anyone – young, old, injured, healthy, athlete. There’s a range of things you can do at any level and your body will thank you, inside and out.