Plane Travel Style Guide

The holidays are just around the corner and many of us will be traveling home to be with loved ones. Here are a few tips to make your trip easier and more comfortable, while traveling in style.

1. Choose your travel outfit the night before.

When I travel, I always have my plane outfit carefully chosen and planned out the night before. This may seem a bit silly, but it ensures that it will be comfortable and I won’t have to rush or stress trying to find something to wear.

2. Comfort first.

Stick to simple black leggings and neutral tops that are easy to move around in and will be cozy enough for an in air nap. Same goes for jewelry – simple, simple, simple! I also like to bring an over sized scarf on board. Not only is it a stylish accessory –  it doubles up as a cozy blanket during the flight. And, of course, don’t forget a neck pillow!

3. Layer up.

Layers are key here! Start with a wireless bra, then add a long tank and cover with a long cardigan or over sized sweater. This will give you the option to remove a layer if you are warm on board. And, carry a open coat with you that will be easy to throw on once you land.

4. Consider the weather of your destination.

Since hair can get unruly during a long flight, I always bring a hat to put on when I land. If your holiday destination is cooler, keep a wool cap in your bag to cover your bedhead (or airhead). Travel in cozy boots that are comfortable during the flight and can also keep your feet warm and toasty when walking through the snow.

5. Carry on.

Depending on the duration of your visit, opt to carry on instead of checking your bags. Eliminate unnecessary items and put all of your belongings in a weekend bag. Stylish, functional and easier to lug around than a big suitcase.

tuque & hat
Earrings, watch & bracelet
Coat, cardigan, leggings & tank
Carry on
Boots & socks
Neck pillow