Pregnancy Workout Myths

Whether you’re trying to conceive, already pregnant or have just given birth, you probably have a lot of questions regarding exercise. Which workouts are good for your growing baby? Which should you avoid completely? Which will help you get your body back? And so on.

We’re here to end the confusion and debunk the 3 most common pregnancy workout myths! We recently saw this article on Man Repeller, which examines and corrects exercise misconceptions from each stage of pregnancy. Below are the 3 most common maternity myths for each stage, plus workouts to try.

Stage 1 : Trying to conceive.

MYTH: Weight training is bad for you.
THE TRUTH:  While knowing your limits is important, maintaining strength and stability is a vital part of preparing for labor.
EXERCISES: Spider-Man Planks, Squat with Ball Toss

Stage 2: While pregnant.

MYTH: Cardio is bad for you. 
THE TRUTH: Max heart rate varies so much from person to person, use “The Talk Test” to know when to quit.
EXERCISES: Weighted Ball Squats, Band Pulls, Static Lunge, Side Plank plus Leg Lift, Band Walks, Quadruped Reach

Stage 3: After birth.

MYTH: Peeing unexpectedly is normal. 
THE TRUTH: It doesn’t have to be if you focus on the the right exercises post-pregnancy, which properly address pelvic floor instability.
EXERCISES: Heel Slide with Kegels, Single Leg Hip Lift with Kegels

For full workout demonstrations, head over to Man Repeller.