Q&A: Katherine Schwarzenegger

I am so lucky to be able to meet and know so many inspiring women in my life! And, I’m always blown away when I find so much inspiration in someone as young as the beautiful, successful and charismatic Katherine Schwarzenegger. At 25, Katherine is an accomplished blogger, bestselling author and dedicated activist, who is helping inspire women daily!

Katherine wrote her best-selling book “Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone’s Been There and Back” while she was still in college! In her uplifting book, she guides girls through the turbulent teens and into womanhood, reminding them to love themselves just the way they are – a message that Beyond Yoga and myself are also wholeheartedly committed to!

I asked Katherine to fill out our Body Image Questionnaire to give us some insight into her own personal thoughts, struggles and triumphs as a young woman in the spotlight.


Name three things you like about the way you look.
Hair, eyes, smile.

Name three things you like about yourself that have nothing to do with looks.
My crazy laugh, my loyalty and dedication to my friends/family, and my brain.

How often do you feel pretty?
I try to feel pretty every day because it makes you feel so much better about everything when you feel confident about what you see in the mirror. I’m not saying to put a full face of makeup on every day but do something for yourself to make yourself feel pretty. It could be getting in a good workout, putting some mascara on, helping a friend in need, putting good food in your body, having fun or a good laugh with people that you love, or just surrounding yourself w people that love you. I think all of those things make you feel good/pretty/beautiful and so much more every day and I think that’s important.

We all struggle with insecurities. What do you struggle with most in regards to your appearance?
It varies and I feel like I feel or have felt insecure about everything when it comes to my appearance at one point or another, but I think it’s how you choose to react when you feel insecure. For me, I try to focus on something I feel super secure about in my appearance to lessen the focus on what I am feeling not so great about that day.

In your opinion, what makes a woman beautiful?
Confidence and happiness makes a woman most beautiful. You can always tell when a woman is comfortable with herself because she exudes beauty and happiness.

When do you feel most proud of who you are?
When I am with my family and friends, when I’m working on something I’m excited about, and whenever I am doing something I love.

What are you most afraid of?
Everything anyone would be after watching every episode of law and order SVU!

In my experience, self love is the driving force behind happiness. How do you show yourself love?
I try to show myself love in the way I treat my body both inside and out. I try to eat well, exercise, laugh, cry, feel and pay attention to myself. I make sure to do a lot of checking in with myself to make sure I stay healthy and happy. And when I’m not, I make sure to make it a priority to change. I also try to not be so hard on myself and critical of things. Whether it’s your body, your emotions,

Who inspires you?
My family and friends that are close to me in my life inspire me daily with their strength and courage in all situations of life. I also love reading an article about someone I don’t know that I can get inspired by which I try to do often because there is nothing like going out about your day feeling extra inspiration to be strong, true to yourself, and to do what you love.

Complete the sentence with a word or phrase: i am BEYOND…
…compulsive about organizing my panty. Everything is labeled.