Redefining Plus Size

What do you think when you hear the words “plus size?” Do you think of your extra large drink or your supersized meal at your local restaurant? Besides the fact that I don’t believe any of our foods need to be of a size any “larger than the normal range,” I’m not talking about plus sized food.

Today, I’d like to discuss the term as it relates to people, and more specifically, to models. Why models? Because the media largely dictates what we “should” think is beautiful and desirable. And yet, the media seems to keep bombarding us with unrealistic, unattainable images of models who don’t even look like their ad images in real life!

Who decided what “normal” size is for a person? In this highly dysfunctional world we live in, it seems that someone, somewhere along the way decided that skinny and thin defines healthy – or more specifically – “normal.” In truth, one can be healthy at a larger size and still be quite “normal” as well!

I recently met with a few of the top “plus size” models (they previously represented plus size clothing lines that start at size 16+, but fortunately today more mainstream lines are using them to represent the real woman). Besides being stunning, many are actually not even plus size! In fact, some of them are not more than a regular size 16, while others are not even a size 10!

Why are they even called “plus size?” They are not larger than what the media has decided to be “normal!” It’s time the media got real and started to define what healthy really looks like. Or rather, what “normal” looks like. Our girls’ lives – young and old – depend on it.

Come on, people. It has now become my personal mission to change the conversation. Let’s step up and get real not only about what really matters, but also about what beauty and reality truly looks like. Beautiful is beautiful as long as it’s healthy. These models I met were not only healthy and normal but beyond…BEAUTIFUL!!!!


food for thought,