Spring Baby Style

Spring is officially here and with that comes the wonderful feeling of replacing heavier layers with lighter ones, plus an overall freshening up of your wardrobe. What’s even better than revamping your spring pieces? Revamping your baby’s!

What I love most about baby shopping (besides the insanely cute outfits) are all the accessories. Anything you can think of that you love to purchase for yourself (fedora, infinity scarf, cat eye sunglasses) you can now purchase for your little one. I get so excited at all the new pieces that are arriving for spring, especially all the modern prints.

A few things to keep in mind when shopping and dressing little ones:

  • Keep it comfortable.
  • Have fun with mixing prints.
  • Don’t overspend.

Babies and toddlers are fun but also very messy, so breaking the bank on their clothing is just not worth it. There’s such a great selection now of clothing at a fraction of the cost (like H&M and Zara) so you won’t feel so bad when you see those raspberry stains.

Here are a few of my baby Chloé’s essentials for this season. Happy shopping!

1 Ears Hat, Mango
2 Fabric strip dress, Zara
3 Tigers t-shirt, Zara
4 Denim romper suit, H&M
5 Star top, Zara
6 Beyond Baby one piece, Beyond Yoga
7 Strawberry hair clips, Mini mioche
8 Patterned denim shirt, H&M
9. Vans rose gold slip on
10 Polarized baby optical sunglasses, Mini Mioche
11 Jeans with braces, H&M
12 Printed waterproof coat, Mango
13 Text ombré sweatshirt, Zara
14 Patent leather sneakers, GAP
15 Leather open work bluchers, Zara
16 Letters print leggings, Zara
17 Bear knit beanie, GAP