Spring Break for Grown Ups

Let’s face it: it’s not just students who need a break from their routine this time of year.

A springtime vacation is good for all of us, and planning for said getaway can be just as therapeutic as the actual trip, in many ways. (In fact, a 2010 study from the Netherlands showed that vacationers felt most happy before their trips – that simply the anticipation can be relaxing.)

Okay, so we’ve established that planning a spring break trip is an excellent decision. Now on to the location selection. It’s likely you outgrew the appeal of Cabo and Cancun when you graduated from college, so we’ve collected a few locations that are a little less “throw down” and a bit more adult in all the right ways:

1. The Florida Keys

A water sport enthusiast’s paradise, The Keys are an ideal location for water activities including diving, kayaking, sailing, wind surfing, snorkeling and more.

2. Québec City

It may seem counterintuitive to head north this time of year, but Québec City – with its gorgeous architecture and vibrant culture – will make the bundling up worth it.

3. Monterey, California

If you’re looking to enjoy breathtaking views and long, winding day hikes without being in the middle of nowhere, this oceanside town – located about an hour from the Bay Area – might be the perfect destination for you.

4. Savannah, Georgia

Southern tradition and current trends merge seamlessly in this historic city, where quaint cobblestone streets and elegant architecture merge with a vibrant arts culture to make for a deliciously perfect destination.

5. Portland, Oregon

Consider booking a trip to the country’s unofficial capital of cool to enjoy a week full of craft beers, food trucks, boutique shopping and hipster spotting.