Stay In Bloom

There’s no easier way to make your home feel spring-like than to add some flowers to the mix. Whether you go for a formal arrangement or take more of a DIY approach, having something bright and living just makes things automatically feel fresh.

But the downside to fresh flowers? At some point, they’re not so fresh any more. To help keep the happy and healthy stage intact longer, we’ve rounded up five flowers that tend to stand up well to the test of time:


1. Delphiniums

If you take good care of these flowers, they can last up to two weeks! They come in shades of gorgeous blues, purples, pinks, and also in white. [photo by]



2. Orchids

These are often thought of as very delicate flowers, but they can stay fresh up to three weeks cut in a vase if properly cared for. Be sure to remove any wilting parts as they crop up to extend the flower’s lifespan. [photo by Gül Kurtaran]



3. Chrysanthemums

These flowers – which grow in a variety of beautiful colors – are perhaps the most resilient when in vases, with the ability to last for up to a month! [photo by Erol Ahmed]



4. Carnations

I know, I know – you’re probably associating these with middle school dances, but these flowers can be lovely AND hardy, lasting up to 20 days in a vase. [photo by @amianyuhua]



5. Alstroemeria

These delicate flowers grow in colors ranging from white to pink to purple to yellow and have a striped color that makes them quite distinctive. They can easily last up to two weeks in a vase. [photo by Katy Belcher]



Bonus: Follow these tips to get the most life out of your cut flowers:

• Be sure to use a clean vase
• Always store your flowers upright before putting them in the vase
• Cut the stems underwater
• Use floral preservative
• Remove leaves/thorns (once underwater, foliage will cause your flowers to die more quickly)
• Change the water every other day (and add more preservative!)



photo credit: Hà Đoàn