Swim: Workout Essentials


Molded Petal Cap by Creative Sunwear.


Waterfi iPod Shuffle


Freestyle Snorkel by Finis


Garmin Swim Watch


Board Shirt by Parasol


Aquatic Fitness Gloves by Speedo


Aqua Sphere Ergobuoy

[endimages]It’s fun to mix it up and find different activities to keep your workouts fresh and interesting. Why not take up swimming? 

In order to properly utilize your time in the water and enjoy every minute of it, try using the following swim accessories.


A literal swim cap is essential, as it protects your hair from the chlorine. One of our favorites is the Molded Petal Cap by Creative Sunwear. It has a fun flower petal design, a secure strap and is super comfortable to wear in the water. Additionally, pair with a product called Swim Cap by Philip Kingsley that aids in protecting your hair even more!


Who doesn’t love working out to music? Having a music player in the pool really motivates us to keep swimming. We use the Waterfi iPod Shuffle to stay in the pool longer and enjoy the workout even more!


When swimming in the ocean or pool, a snorkel is a definite must! The Freestyle Snorkel by Finis allows you to focus completely on your swimming without any interruptions and unnecessary stops. Plus, it helps reduce any neck irritation that can result from raising and lowering your head.


It’s fun to keep track of your progress in the pool without counting laps on your fingers!. The waterproof Garmin Swim Watch keeps track of pace and efficiency, so you can focus solely on swimming. And, it gives you that extra motivation to beat my time which keeps my swims challenging. 


When swimming in the ocean or an outdoor pool, it’s important to protect your skin from the sun. A long sleeve waterproof sun protector is a great way to do this. We love this Board Shirt from fashionista Fernanda Niven at Parasol. For a less expensive option, try this Sun Shirt by J.Crew.


Using swimming gloves, such as the Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves helps increase resistance for a better upper body workout. The webbed gloves also work to improve your swim stroke and technique! 


Using a buoy between your legs while you swim can help maximize the benefits of the workout! We use the Aqua Sphere ErgoBuoy which allows you to strap your legs in and challenge your arms.