Take A Tech Break

In modern life, we are all searching for deeper meaning, connection, and purpose. We are constantly drawn to using our phones as a way of reaching out, but in many ways, this compulsion limits the amount of true connection that’s available to us. It takes us further and further away from the present moment and we begin to lose touch with the simple pleasures in life.

It can be tempting to constantly connect virtually because it offers an illusion of gratification, lifts up our ego, and creates a false sense of accomplishment. When in actuality, nothing can fill our hearts more than the true connection & presence of another human being.

Knowing this, the question becomes: How can I create balance, take space & practice mindfulness when it comes to technology? By connecting more to nature, our loved ones, and ourselves we fill this need on a deeper level. The love, security and sense of belonging we are actually searching for becomes our reality.

Often times I find myself almost unconsciously reaching for my phone, aimlessly scanning emails, Instagram & Facebook. Why? What deeper ache do I need to fill?

When I take the time to unplug, life becomes really clear. Simple things become the most beautiful, and I am more present to connect to the moment. I am able to fill my time and my heart with activities that are truly fulfilling & purposeful without having to share any of it with anyone except with whomever is there with me.

Sometimes, being present and resisting the urge to constantly “connect” through technology will bring about powerful revelations. They might indicate that there are deeper wounds that need healing, deeper conversations that need to occur, and simple moments that require a clear presence in order to be truly felt.

Let’s allow ourselves to take breaks when we need them. Have dinner with friends and family without constantly retreating to our phones to share the latest and “greatest”. Take a full week, weekend, or vacation away from technology. Start the morning with a meditation, warm bath, or warm tea.

Allow yourself an hour to ease into the day and ground yourself before offering all of your energy to your phone. Give your life space away from technology so that you have more of yourself to offer and, in turn, more to offer to the world.

Let this technology free time be an opportunity to get clear on your intentions. This will leave you feeling happier, healthier, and less stressed. Feel expansive in your heart & connected to life’s deeper purpose; the technology can wait.