The Crystal Gift Guide

Looking for a meaningful holiday gift to empower and inspire your friends, family or coworkers this holiday season? Look no further than crystals!

Crystals contain natural healing abilities and are powerful amplifiers of energies. In their natural form, they can be used to set and empower an intention, to clear a particular space and to cultivate mindfulness during meditation practice. You can gift them as raw gemstones or as gemstone jewelry pieces meant to be worn against the skin.

Not sure which crystal to choose for your loved one? Follow the guide below! Once they receive their crystal, instruct the recipient to cleanse it and program it with their own intentions.

For The Feminist


Magical Moonstone shines light beyond the veil of illusions to magnify inner wisdom, intuition and guidance. This feminine stone emanates the powerful, yet soothing energy of the moon, inviting us to connect to our inner Goddess.



For The Athlete


Bloodstone provides encouragement, motivation, strength and support for your ultra-adventurous, thrill-seeking or athletic friend. This green gemstone often shows red, yellow or brown markings and is known to stimulate courage and good health.



For The Traveler


For your friend who likes to travel to the ends of the earth, choose a Malachite crystal. This stone offers powerful protections and absorbs negative energies, easing fear and offering comfort and encouragement. It is often referred to as a guardian and needs to be cleaned frequently to continue to work efficiently.



For The Spiritual Yogi


For your meditation-lover, yogi friend, choose a clear Quartz Crystal. This type of stone will calm the mind, deepen spiritual awareness and support inner peace. It is also believed to cleanse, regulate and shift energies. And, since your spiritual friend probably already collects crystals, this is an excellent option, as quartz is believed to amplify the effects of other crystals, as well.



For The Busy Bee


For your friend who works nonstop or just has a lot of daily stress to deal with, look no further than the Violet Amethyst. This stone helps release stress and tension, while bringing balance, harmony and tranquility to your overworked family member, coworker or friend. It also encourages contentment and helps heal negative energy.



For The Love Seeker


If your friend is looking for a relationship or trying to heal from a recent breakup, support their heart with a dreamy pink Rose Quartz. This stone assists deep emotional healing, and opens us up to love and compassion. It promotes unconditional love, including love for others, self-love, kindness, friendship and romantic relationships.




image credit: @socialcut via unsplash